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Index of Current & Past Newsletters

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Spring/Summer 2024

Bright & Bold


Spring/Summer 2023

Basics, but not boring

Fall/Winter 2023

The Art of Layering

Spring/Summer 2022

Look Good, Feel Good

Fall/Winter 2022

We're Getting Back To It

Spring/Summer 2021

Uplifting and Comfortable

Fall/Winter 2021

Casual, Yet Put Together

Spring/Summer 2020

Classics With a Modern Twist

Fall/Winter 2020

Comfy and Effortless

Spring/Summer 2019

Fresh and Easy

Fall/Winter 2019

Confidence Dressing

Spring/Summer 2018

Look Good, Feel Good

Fall/Winter 2018

Laidback, Yet Luxurious

Spring/Summer 2017

What Feels Fresh is What We're After

Fall/Winter 2017

Your Style, Your Way

Spring/Summer 2016

It's all about pretty and Fun!

Fall/Winter 2016

Reinvented Classics

Spring/Summer 2015

Fresh and Fabulous

Fall/Winter 2015

Something For Every Personality

Spring/Summer 2014

Mix and Match

Fall/Winter 2014

It's All About Ease

Spring/Summer 2013

This Season ... Bright and Beautiful

Fall/Winter 2013

Living Life In Color

Spring/Summer 2012

This Season ... Refresh and Renew

Fall/Winter 2012

Powerful Meets Pretty

Spring/Summer 2011

This Season ... Comfort Meets Style

Fall/Winter 2011


Spring/Summer 2010

This Season ... Versatility

Fall/Winter 2010

Hello ... Cool Classics

Spring/Summer 2009

This Season: Revitalize Your Look

Fall/Winter 2009

A Season For Smiles

Spring/Summer 2008

Pretty or Pared Down for Spring

Fall/Winter 2008

Simplicity And Sophistication

Spring/Summer 2007

Bring Your Jeans To Life with Style

Fall/Winter 2007

Edgy Elegance

Spring/Summer 2006

What Works For Work

Fall/Winter 2006

The Elements of a Basic Wardrobe

Spring/Summer 2005

Handbag Flattery & Function

Fall/Winter 2005

Closet Taming

Spring/Summer 2004

It's Decidedly Pretty

Fall/Winter 2004

Looking Good: What's Age Got to do With It?

Spring/Summer 2003

Know Your Necklines

Fall/Winter 2003

The Trenchcoat Connection

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