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Fall / Winter 2008…Pare Things Down

The two big things happening in fashion as we go into fall are a grand shift toward minimalism and a more mature attitude toward glamour. They signal a return to the building-block basics of a core wardrobe. When there’s a financial bumpy ride, it’s no time for investing in a giddy wardrobe of non-essentials. Of all the shoppers, you, my clients, have the advantage of a better understanding and knowledge of your best look. You have the color and style tools to make wiser, long-lasting clothing decisions. Learn it, use it and reap the benefits.

This Season: Simplicity and Sophistication


Look out your window at the foliage and its, changing colors, and you’ll see the tones of this season’s wardrobe palette.

Though nature layers one color on another, your wardrobe colors will have more impact when worn alone, or monochromatically.

You can use less jewelry when wearing more color because the color becomes the statement. Conversely, the more neutral the outfit with, say, color accents, the more jewelry you would want to add.

You’ll see a lot of warm earthy shades of red, orange, yellow or gold and green. They will be balanced with a variety of purples like eggplant, grape and plum, and also the color called peacock blue, which everyone can wear.

Pink is the surprise color for this season. Grey, black, brown and camel are the neutrals along with metallics.


Abstracts taken from nature like branch-prints, florals and animal prints.

Tribal prints, prints with a hand painted look in medium to a very large scale. Many of these prints look as if they've been taken from the Museum of Modern Art. Be careful here, because many of these prints will wear you. An accessory using this idea may be better for most.

Medium to large scale plaids.

Color-blocking two colors on a top or dress using the darker color on the two sides with a narrow shape of color in the center. It can be a slimming effect and is a graphic-arts-type of styling. You’ll see curving or straight-line shapings.
It’s a Winter or Fall Harmony choice for the dramatic types.

FABRICSome of the ewest 2008 fall fabrics are highly textural

Texture reigns, leading with rich tweeds. Make them new by pairing them with a satin or silk top.

Suedes, refined and bulky,lacy cut-out fabrics, and bouclé, which is a loopy texture. The shorter nap all harmonies can wear. Leave the thicker ones to the Fall Harmony.

India-inspired embroidered fabrics, velvet, metallics, both plain and printed.

Chiffon for the dressier affairs. Satin goes day to night.


Fall always seems to bring the fashion world's newest trends.

Fall always seems to bring the fashion world’s newest trends. You don’t have to make all the trends your own, just the ones that work for you within your Harmony’s look and scale.

There is never a need to replace your entire wardrobe. Take a look at your favorites from the last couple of years and build on those. Fill in with items to complete an outfit (weed out old, tired or wrong choices while you’re at it. Getting rid of clutter is a good thing!)

Tops The ruffled blouse is most noticeable

The ruffled blouse is most noticeable. Balance it with a tailored skirt or pant. No fru-fru top to bottom. (Be careful here, Falls – The romantic types, only, might wear a simple large wavy ruffle along a straight or v-neck blouse.)

Slouchy, but not over-sized tops. Gently fitted stretchy tops.

Empire-seam and classic shirt-blouses. The bow blouse is very feminine for Winters, Springs and Summers.

Vests and cardigan sweaters, belted or buttoned, sweater sets – mostly fitted and left unbuttoned at the bottom to add shaping.


Trousers in drapey fabrics, some worn lower than the waist and wide-legged, others are high-waisted. Select tops that add a little structure or tuck in the top so as not to look disheveled. High shoes are also needed to pull off this style.

Cropped pants are winterized with warmer fabrics and by wearing opaque tights tucked into ankle boots. For the trendy.

Skinny pants for the slim, body-conscious figures and the trendy. A slouchy top would work well with these.

Harem or ballooning pants flatter the tall and thin. Wider-hipped people could test this cut in drapey fabrics as it could provide camouflage. Pair with a festive blouse that nips in at the waist and add a cropped jacket.

Great fitting jeans in darker denims will look dressier.

Skirts See the newest pencil skirts

The pencil skirt is always sophisticated and classic, a t-strap heel would pretty-up this tailored skirt. Flats are also an option. Belled skirts are dressier. High-waisted or belted skirts are not for the busty figures.

Fit and flared, short and long skirts. Tights are the answer to cold weather for the shorter lengths. Ankle boots, flats or heels complete the look. Long skirts can be worn with tall boots – lace-up or sleek, or retro 30’s-style shoes. A belt and tucked in top or sweater set complete this skirt.


Dresses this year are more plentiful

Dresses this year are more plentiful and are more work-related or cocktail.

The simple sheath dress is the shape of the season.

The chemise is a sleeveless version of the sheath. For winter and a more casual look, it can be worn over a fitted long sleeve knit top.

Belted shirt dresses. Dresses that look like two pieces but are not.

The peplum detail on a dress accents a good waist or creates the look of a waist if you don’t have a defined one yourself. Add a belt for more definition.


Tie-waist, fitted waist or peplum jackets top the skirts or pants. Some will have a shorter bracelet sleeve. You could add a sleek long sleeve top underneath, plus a bracelet for an accent.

Jackets & Coats

Your newest Fall/winter coat can add a dash of bold color

Short jackets are a sure-fire way to update your wardrobe. Many styles and fabrics offer something for everyone.

Kimono sleeves and asymmetrical zip fronts on jackets.

Three-quarter length jackets, sweater-jackets and belted trench coats.

Can't miss with large chain link necklaces burnished gold bracelets are all the newest trend for Fall 2008



fall purse styles 2008

shoe fashions for the fall of 2008

In this year of the accessory, we have intriguing new shapes, beautiful colors and lustrous metals, so choose something unique this season that is perfect for you.

Costume jewelry and wearable art making a statement are real look changes.

Rhinestone and grommet detail along edges of accessories as well as clothing. Fur-dressed accessories such as boots and backpacks. You’ll see gold fur as the new glamorous dyed fur option. It’s expensive and seen more in colder US climates.

Layer long chain necklaces, centered with a shorter statement piece. The color, mood or metal should be similar.

Sculpted bangle bracelets from narrow to cuff width.

Satchels and bags are loose and roomy or very structured.

Jump-start your wardrobe with a colorful new bag. Just make it wearable with at least three outfits. There are bags made of carpet-like oriental and India-inspired patterns. Shine is a popular finish.

Sharp, clean lines on shoulder bags.

For the hat people, your update might begin with a wool cloche with a soft pleating and a brooch detail. A fedora would also fit the bill with less fuss and is excellent for the Fall Harmony.

Shoes buckle, lace and zip. They’re embellished with bows, flowers, hardware (the rocker look) and colored stones. They’re highly colored, printed and shiny.

All shoes are shown in a variety of fabrics – the basic leather, suedes and moc-croc. Patent leather continue on from last season as do metallics.

Ankle to knee-high boots. The flat ones are for casual outfits.

The loafer is new for winter in colorful patent leather. A very fun idea for Springs.

Oxfords with heels go with the menswear pants or short skirts. The higher versions could go with a sporty dress.

Peep-toe pumps and flats – some with bows or flowers. Dramatic sculptural trendy shoes.

T-strap and other strappy heels. Tall chunky heels with a Mary Jane strap.

Pull out one of your old scarves and tie it to your bag to give it a personal touch. It’s classic and timeless.

Some watches have colorful bands, many in shades of purple.

The bottom line: if it doesn’t look good on you, it’s not in style.


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