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Spring / Summer 2016 ... Modern Romance

Fashion is following the world at large, bringing diverse and self-expressive choices. New eclectic looks deliver style and comfort mixed with femininity and sophistication.

This season: It's All About Pretty and Fun


Colors for 2016 Fashions

Hello, Red! Bright Poppy to Rusty Southwest Reds to the intense Winter Harmony Magentas. Coral and Pastel-soft Pinks.

Aqua Blue-Greens, Tropical Blues and a stronger Cobalt Blue.

Your elegant range of greens toward warm yellow-based greens offer a friendly, happy mood.

The neutrals are: Navy, Soft Grey, Almond Beiges, Cream and White, along with Pale, Blush Tones.


Designs for 2016 Fashions

Lady Mary in Downton Abbey has influenced the nostalgic floral prints you'll be seeing, as well as other feminine elements.

Garden blooms large and small. Leafy abstracts. Peacock themes. Cultural Abstracts.

Stripes in pinstripes to wide, also in a mix of sizes on one garment. Look for your Harmony's scale and the best direction for your body. No diagonal stripes for Springs or Summers.

The usual tiny gingham checks are taken up to a 5/8"-1" scale, which are in the Spring Harmony range. The larger size check takes on a sporty, rather than cute look. No gingham checks for Falls.

Polka dots. A color background with white dots is the best choice. A white background with color dots should be worn as a neutral on a pant or jacket.

Adding a new design element are cut-out shapes on sleeves, within necklines, or on the sides of the midriff area. Many add an asymmetrical design which are good for Falls and Winters, as are the very sharp-shaped cut-outs.


Fabrics found in 2016 Fashions

Crisp cottons, silk-satins, silk-linens. Studs, sequins and jewels are added to glamorize some casual stylings, as well as dressy ones.

Fringe, appliques, lace, and fluttering petal embellishments.

Ruffles and bows. Some of these are in a dramatic large scale.

Lightweight suede worn with airy florals is a modern combination.

Mix soft textures with crisp fabrics for an interesting balance.

Metallics, iridescent and sequined fabrics give a shimmery effect for day or night.


 for 2016 Fashions Style

There's a 70's influence with Bohemian themes, flowers, and flounces.

Athletic (athleisure) stylings continue with the coming of the Summer Olympics.

No-fuss staples in simple lines meet luxe fabrics for luxurious simplicity. They will elevate whatever you put with them.


Tops for 2016 Fashions

T-shirts in knit, silk, or satin. Shirtmaker blouses. Soft, slightly slouchy feminine blouses. Pair with denim or flowing silk pants.

Off-shoulder tops. These are more modern peasant tops this time around. They are done up in crisp gingham checks, florals an solids accented with lace. Longer earrings balance these skin-baring tops.

Cut-outs on tops expose the shoulders.

Layered edges to the top's sleeves and hems. Pointed, angles and curvy scalloped hems. Several styles with longer backs than fronts.

Tie-front hems feature two front ends of the shirt to be tied in a knot at, or below, your waist.

Tunics, some long enough to become a dress, can be worn over slim ankle pant.

Long-line cardigans. These can replace a blazer for a more modern effect. There are sleeveless versions suitable for warm weather. Short cardigans are a good option with dresses, as are shrugs, when needed for a prettier, less sporty, more business-like look. Shrugs are a short-sleeve, short sweaters with no buttons. The rounded bolero style works on Springs, Summers, and Winters. Falls will look better in the straight edge style. All harmonies can wear the straight edge style.

Jackets Jackets to wear for 2016 Fashions

Blazers. You have a choice of long with ease in the fit, or shorter, more fitted. Both are softly structured in the shoulders.

This season's bomber/biker jacket takes on several fresh looks using prints and made in blousy cuts with a banded waist for a more feminine style. Bejeweled versions, as well as satin bombers, and those made up of collage pieces for an artistic feeling.

Varsity letter-jackets with contrasting sleeves and athletic stripe trims.

The classic denim jacket in fresh colors as well as denim blue.


Pants in a variety of styles for 2016 Fashions

Tailored, wide-leg trousers, slim ankle pants, straight or bootcut pants. Cropped styles, some referred to as capris when slimmer and tailored.

Slim-cut jeans with a slight flare are a 70's repeat, but with not as exaggerated a flare.

Culottes are part pant, part skirt. They ar both practical and stylish.

Palazzos. Easy-going, yet glamorous, flared full pants.

Pajama pants in small menswear prints and neutral colors ar a fun, casual pant that can be worn at home for leisure, or dressed up with a nicer slim knit top, and flats or platforms, to go out.

Jumpsuits. For those to whom these are new; they look great, but are functionally a disaster in the bathroom. It's a fight trying to keep them off the floor, and leave you nearly bare head to toe.


Pencil skirts, maxi skirts, and pleats for 2016 Fashions

The pencil skirt in a choice of prints and solid colors. There are several skirt lengths... choose your best. There could be 2 or 3 that look good on you, depending on the skirt's shape.

Maxi skirts with one or two slits for ease. Pair these with an easy knit tee, dressier silk shirt, or wrap top.

Pleated skirts. Stitch-down pleats through the tummy area are the most flattering.

A-line skirts are enhancing on everyone.

The peek-a-boo panel skirt combines the miniskirt with a pencil skirt wrapped around the back and sides for a two-in-one combo. A modern, trendy style.


Dresses are decidedly pretty  for 2016 Fashions

A lot of flared styles and simple, sleeveless sheath dresses. Wrap dresses. The easy and wearable shirtdress. These, worn in sandwashed silk are then made elegant. In cotton or linen, they will take on a casual feeling.

Bohemian dresses in complicated prints accented with chunky jewelry. Be careful here; they can get too costumey. Maxi dresses.

Off-shoulder peasant dresses.This time around, they're in more sophisticated botanical prints. Some have Flamenco-fringed flounces.

The slip-dress for summer days or evenings. Use a lightweight shrug or cardigan for your wrap, when needed.


Lots of fun jewelry for 2016 Fashions

Floral and geometric statement necklaces. Statement earrings and cuffs. When wearing a statement necklace, simplify the earrings.

Statement earrings don't need a necklace, but a cuff bracelet would be a good addition.

Shimmery beads and chains in multi-hues or monochromatic shades of mixed metals.

Delicate chains draped on the ankle, onto the foot, or onto the hands.

Whimsical sea life pins. Peacock pins. Butterfly and Floral pins.

For the Spring Harmony, the happy red bandana with the white paisley design is back, and can take the place of a statement necklace.

Black, brown, or colored ribbons tied onto your ponytail No bows, just a knot fastened on the top or below. One to three narrow ribbons used as a band above your forehead.


Printed shoes are big  for 2016 Fashions

Point-toe shoes make a return appearance. Peep-toe pumps and flats. Lace-up flats have a bit of a ballerina look.

Prints on shoes of all types, including sneakers.

The block heel or stacked heel. Booties and sandals. Reflective metal heels.

Platforms with stacked heels in a spectrum of colors. Wood Platforms.

Slip-on loafers and loafer slides.

Sandals in tawny tones with details like ankle ties, braiding, fringe, and tassels.

Gladiator sandals.


Saddle bags to handbags  for 2016 Fashions

The saddle bag, some with striped straps. Slouchy-soft bags with details like lacing, tassels and ties. The box bag.

The flat satchel. Sling it over your shoulder; tuck it under your arm.

Grab n' go totes to carry it all, in solid colors, prints, or bold graphics.

Pocket-size purses can add outfit-making polish when all you need is lipstick, comb, and your cell. Some have gleaming chain straps.

Take Charge of Your Clothes

Make sure everything has a place. If not, find one, or get rid of something that is no longer worn, or you do not love.

    • Every day: Hang up everything or put them away in a drawer.
    • Purge throughout the year. This avoids finding time for one big job.
    • Make it a routine to give away something that:
      • Doesn’t make you feel or look your best.
      • Doesn’t fit and never will.
      • Is completely out of style and can’t be updated with alterations.

The bottom line: if it doesn’t look good on you, it’s not in style.


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