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Spring/Summer 2008...It's joyful!

This season welcomes wonderful colors, florals and hemlines for every figure. Designers are combining animated energy and innovation to create clothes we would like to wear. Instead of dressing like we're not going anywhere we need to actually dress with a more grown up straight-ahead elegance that incorporates fun and a sense of spirit and joy.

This Season: Pretty or Pared Down

COLOR:               colors for 2008

This season is about color with impact like the vivid crayon colors in the basic box of eight. Red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, indigo, purple, and fuchsia pink. Be sure to check your spectrum so you are in your own range. You don't want the color to enter the room before you do. But, do enjoy the uplifting benefits that pretty colors can bring to you.

You will also see some calming water-based, mid-range blues including the indigo blues.

Warm grays, or "greige," dull desert shades such as khaki browns, duller pinks and terra cottas along with white and black are the neutrals.

Ombre is a term now used to describe a single color shaded from light to dark. It can look similar to a sunset. It shows up on a skirt, top or dress. Everyone can do this monochromatic technique depending on the color used.


Flower power from buds to full blooms. Abstract florals to bouquets. Energetic stripes and small abstracts.

Bohemian or Moroccan themes including paisleys. African prints. Asian butterflies and other influences from nature.

You'll see some mixing and matching of prints. This can be done, but it is tricky and can look confusing and cluttered —all done in the name of creativity.

A large print can be combined with a smaller print by using the same colors to unify them. A subdued print or chalk stripe can be seen as a solid when paired with a print.

Monochromatic print combinations can look like one over-all print. Follow your harmony rules on scale and subject of prints.

FABRICfabrics and designs for 2008 styles

Fabrics offering shimmer and sheen combined with softness. Also sheer overlays especially through the shoulder and arms and sometimes drifting down as an extended hemline.

Over-all softness-of-hand-type fabrics that offer a ladylike and sophisticated feeling. Floaty or fluid fabrics.

STYLE             Show off your own sense of style with new the right Spring Wardrobe

Style is multidirectional this season. There's a lush romanticism on the one hand and a certain beautiful spareness (not minimalism) on the other.

There's also a warm, joyous approach or a cool, calm aesthetic approach. You choose.

Designers have taken inspiration from the world beyond their own borders. They've integrated shapes, patterns and adornments from culture, history, art, music and architecture.

Every hem length you have ever considered is available from minis to calf-grazing skirts shown flared, belled, pleated or straight. Isn't it great that it is really up to you to decide which length suits you?!?


Ruffled blouses with the ruffles usually bordering a buttoned front. Puff-sleeve blouses. Loose, layered pieces —Bohemian-like, or slim, fitted knits which can also be layered using contrasting or blended colors.

Pants choose the pants that best fit your style and lifestyle

While there are not a lot of them, high-waist pants are making a showing. Wear something form fitting or slightly bare on top and also feminine in mood. Definitely avoid mannish blouses. The blazer worn with these pants should look casual and not matched like a pantsuit. This pant style is not for those with a short torso or a flat backside.

Sailor pants in various fabrics from denim to stretch wool. Some are cuffed or sport pinstripes.

Pocket detail on jeans and khakis. Just make sure this is an area you want to highlight. If the detail is blended in it probably won't be an issue.

Slim-cut peddle pushers (these come below the knee a bit.)


Full and flouncy. Stick with swingy fabrics that move with your body, like lightweight cotton or chiffon. Cinch in your waist with a slim or wide belt so your shoulders seem wider to balance the fuller skirt. A fitted top will be more flattering than a loose top and may not need a belt if belts don't work for you. If you have a waist to highlight, it's usually a good idea to do so.

In reverse, a straight skirt will work well with fuller tops.

Fit and flare skirts flatter most figures. They're simple, sophisticated and feminine.

Dresses                    Shirtwaist dresses are just one on many 2008 styles available

You'll be dressed in one zip when you don a twirl-worthy dress. Falls will do better in a fit and flare dress rather than a gathered waist-style dress.

The shirt dress that buttons up the front is one of the timeless, easiest-to-wear dresses available. Again, we see it short to long, solid or printed.

Evening or cocktail dresses bring in Grecian styling. Sheath dresses for evening have delicate ruche details and rich colors.

Cascades of romantic ruffles on short and long dresses.

Dresses with a swing shape from the underarms down to the hem. It's a trendy style and best on a taller person.


Among the usual suits, the newest suit loses the skirt/jacket look for the clean lines of a straight skirted shirt dress or a wrap-style dress which gives a coatdress effect. This is a nice finished look in warmer weather when a jacket might be too much.

Jacketsjackets for spring & summer 2008

The safari is a classic. This year it's sleeveless, short or long sleeved. It's also a more lean and clean fit. It's a great look for the Fall Harmony.

Ruffles, pleats and folds turn short leather jackets into a new feminine dressy jacket (skip the ruffles for Fall people). They pair well with jeans, slim skirts and flats. They are made in metallics or buttery leathers.

Blazers have changed to higher armholes and narrower waists and are paired with Bermudas or your khakis and jeans. Belt the blazer if you want to accentuate your curves. Use a narrow or wide belt. It could be leather, decorative in a metallic or fabric, possibly a bolt of color for contrast.

A blazer with three-quarter sleeves in a bright color is a good updater. Striped versions are also a new look. Some even have peplum shaping at the bottom.

Cardigan sweaters are worn with pants, skirts and dresses. Choose from long or short lengths.

ACCESSORIESbelts, watches, purses, and shoes

Look for special effects on all accessories. Bright hues, gleaming finishes, prints and textures. Jewelry is reflecting the global styling of the clothing lines.

Mosaic creations in butterflies and flowers, done up as pins, earrings and bracelets. Pair these with very simple, sleek outfits for a flirty, feminine touch.

Watches resemble elaborate bracelets.

Shoes are as varied as the clothing and can be matched easily to the texture and mood of your outfit. They'll give your wardrobe a burst of fun.

There's a sculptural shaping to pumps; almost architectural.

Peep-toe pumps and flats.

Retro ankle-strap sandals. Espadrilles in fun prints or with embellishments like bows and flowers.

Cork and rope heeled wedges.

The classic tennis shoe takes on color, prints and broken-in details (why do we pay for new things that look like they're ready for the trash can?)

A structured purse with a short handle is newer than the shoulder strap style. Floral and other print fabric purses in soft shapes.

Belts work on everything. They're decorative or sleek.

Sunglasses in bold colors and shapes.

The bottom line: if it doesn’t look good on you, it’s not in style.


One More Thought ...

Dressing well is a way to add beauty and harmony to your surroundings
By taking care of yourself and looking your best, you can inspire yourself as well as others around you.
So, search out a personal touch that makes an outfit your own and makes you feel special.


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