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Spring / Summer 2019 ... Fresh and Easy

Never underestimate the power of a good outfit, in a great color, on a bad day. Knowing we look our best can truly lift our spirits, give us more energy, and be more at ease with ourselves..

This season: Think Versatility with Key Pieces


Beautiful rich cloors for the Spring 2019

Classic Red and Blue are leading the choices. As part of the red family, rosy to bright pinks are in the mix. Blush, or barely there pinks, are a neutral or N+ for the Spring Harmonies.

Cantaloupe-like yellow orange, tangerine-like orange and corals. The softer terra cotta is a N+ for Falls and some Springs. Those, paired with greens or turquoise-like blue-greens, are a current trend in fashion and home decor.

Golden tones and sunshine yellow. These are every bit as universal as white; they go with any color you have.

Turquoise Blue.

Olive and other herb-like greens are N+ colors.

Navy is the winning neutral for this season, followed closely by camel tones, and light gray.

The usual black and white combination is there for the Winter Harmony. Remember: Springs must always add color to black or white. One way for Springs to use a black and white combination is to choose it in a tiny print, or check, for a pant, skirt, or shoe; then add a pop of color for the top.


Many bright colors and interesting patterns for Spring 2019

Color blocking in the form of bold stripes or geometric shapes.

Modern, small to medium scale, swirling geometrics, stars, gingham checks, and other whimsical themes.

Polka dots (including the tiny Swiss dot) and scallops are the “happy designs,” and are very Spring Harmony.

Scallops can morph into art deco, becoming more sophisticated when enlarged or made curvier, which could be designs for Winters or Summers. Falls should skip them.

This year home bedding, decor, and dishware have latched onto endless interpretations of the scallop design.

Bohemian prints, swirling paisleys in medium to large scale.

Interesting jagged or blotchy shapes are good for Falls.

Botanical leaf designs like palm, fern, or fig are nice for Falls.

Florals, small to large, crisp, bold or muted in color. Florals printed over plaids is a new design look. Color and scale will determine which Harmony can choose it.

Leopard and camouflage for the Fall Harmony.


Soft knits, crisp cottons, soft-flowing cottons, linen.

Embroidered cottons, denim in indigo and colors, and bleached laser-cut suede.

Wispy, fluffy, fanciful fringe trim. Lacey insets at the hems of pants and necklines of tops.

STYLE Classic styles and fun mixes for Spring

Think about those wardrobe staples –– the key pieces you always go back to. What are the common threads:

  • The type of color, like bright, mid-range, or N+?
  • Simple, tailored, and skimming your body to show shape?
  • Feminine details on tailored styles?Dramatic, romantic, Bohemian, or fun designs?

For example: My favorites are classic, simple shapes that I can dress up, or down, with a change of jewelry, shoes, or jacket. A few pieces have neck or sleeve details. I also favor my mid to deeper colors over the light ones.

Figure out your common go-to look, or two, and continue to repeat them. Add updated pieces from time to time. This works for jewelry and other accessories, too. Remove what you don't love to wear.


Keyholes, ruching, tucks, prints; amazing styleblouses for Spring summer 2019

Tees with different necklines, sleeve lengths, and some with playful designs, or scalloped edges.

The classic shirt in two sleeve lengths – long or 3/4 sleeve. Shirts with flap pockets. Look for shirts with modern graphics art, botanical flora, or sporty checks.

Soft, slouchy blouses worn longer and untucked, or just some of the front tucked in.

Look for blouses with decorative sleeve trims, embroidery, or fringe.

Tunics, shorter swing tops, knotted front tie or sash detail.

Peplums add a feminine touch to blouses or light-weight knits, as do ruffled necklines.

Front ruching on one or both sides, flatters your hips and camouflages any tummy issues.

Open, or “cool-shoulder” tops.


Prints, Denims, Embroidery, what's not to love for 2019 Spring, Summer Pants

You will have several leg shapes and lengths from which to choose.

Leggings, skinny, straight, boot, flared. Loose easy-fit pants are nice for warm weather comfort.

Ankle, cropped, rolled up hems for casual styling and shorter lengths.

High-waisted or just-below-the-waist styles.

Hemline details like grommets, lace-up effects, or open, lacy cut-out designs and embroidery.

Many pants in floral, stripe, or geometric motifs.

Attached sash-tie waists offer some fashion flare. Tucked slim fitting tops show off the sash.

Jumpsuits in denim and dressier styles.

Cargo pants and shorts are elevated with more refined, tailored fabrics and slimmer legs.


Go Long or short, Ruffled or lazer cut, Denims galore Spring & Summer 2019

Maxi skirts. These can be casual or dressed up, not to mention, they’re very comfortable.

Short, straight skirts hovering just a few inches above the knees.

Denim skirts might sport zippered pocket details or grommets.

Knife-pleated skirts look best with a shorter top, as the pleats add some bulk. Pleats top-stitched down to hip level could be worn with a longer top.

New and fun are the ruffled or scalloped hemlines.

Gypsy or Bohemian sarongs.

Tailored front-wrap skirts.

Dresses Maxis, super-high hems, Neckline and Sleeve details Summer 2019 Fashion

Maxi knit dresses. Look for skimming-the-body shapes, or flared hemlines, so you don’t look like you’re wearing a tent.

Super-high hemlines are mid-century inspired baby-doll dresses.

There are also some tailored short dresses, and the classic shirtdress.

Bohemian dresses are updated with mixing less expected prints and the use of macramé netting.

Off-shoulder peasant dresses.

Neckline and/or sleeve details like scallops or cut-out designs which add feminine touches to simple sheath dresses.

Floral dresses. Some might add a ruffle hem done in a different floral design, but with similar colors to tie them together and add interest. Skip the florals that remind you of bad wallpaper.

Cascading ruffles and shimmery embellishments for dressier dresses.

Jackets, Coats

Twin Sweater sets, shrugs, Waterfall jackets are the hot item for Spring and Summer fashion for 2019

The versatile blazer in a knit can give you endless options. Wear it with jeans and a check, or floral, shirt.

A narrow double-breasted blazer of a business pant suit could be worn with a soft feminine blouse.

Jean jackets are updated in colors, prints, tiny polka dots, or camouflage.

Sporty cargo jackets are updated in more refined stylings.

The twin sweater set, or cardigan over a coordinated tee or shirt-blouse.

Shrugs – a shorter, buttonless cardigan– work well with dresses.

There are also short cardigans with a tie front, or a ruffled front edge.

Lightweight, long cardigans, bought with a matching shorter top, are a real bonus. Another monochromatic shade top is just as good, and might already be in your closet.

Waterfall open-front vest-jacket or cardigan.

Wraps with fringe or shimmer. .


Large hoops, chunky colors, Multi-strands

Many nature themes such as floral, leafy, and Ginkgo. Some are whimsical with butterflies and ladybugs.

Colorful beads, glass crystal, Murano glass, or vintage glass.

Multi-strand beaded pieces using a variety of sizes and types of beads.

Metals mixed with contrasting finishes. Darkened finishes add depth and character to oxidize silver jewelry.

Dramatic hoops.

Bangles and watches that are chunky, sculptural, or ornate.

Shoes Strappy, Block heels, slingback, Feminine and fancy, ballet flats to Stilettos; shoe fashion for 2019

Add expressive personality to your look with shoes in many colors or interesting prints. A mix of leather and fabric is another option, as well as shoes with color blocking.

Stiletto pumps.

Block-heeled shoes can be worn with just about everything. They come both high and low.

Sandals with a front coverage to appear almost bootie in style, toes and heels are exposed.

Many sandal styles with which you are already familiar.

Dancer flats in stretchy fits and laced up onto the ankle.

Flats of all types, colors, prints. Some with ankle straps, or crystals, dress up evening shoes.

The feminine slingback style.

Handbags Handbags, Shop-till-you-drop totes, Crossbody bags, straw bags in every style imaginable

Shop-’til-you-drop totes.

Hobo bags, slouchy pouches, and clutches.

Structured, “I mean business,” handbags. In colors, they can add personality to your outfit.

Crossbody bags.

Straw bags in every size, and made with a variety of added detail and trim that can express your personality.

Details It's all in the details! Hats, sunglasses, Baseball caps in fun fabrics and prints

Feminine headbands using bows and flowers. There are also beaded or woven styles.

Straw hats, simple or with a print band, or other embellishments.

Baseball caps in fun prints and fabrics.

Visor shade sunglasses are slim to extra large, offering extra protection and dramatic style. Many colorful or fanciful styles, too.

Barrettes with intricate designs.

The bottom line: if it doesn’t look good on you, it’s not in style.


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