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Fall/Winter 2011.... Sophistication

Clean lines, modern cuts and a leaner silhouette create a look that anyone can wear. A welcome sophistication that brings back the lost art of dressing like a grown-up, and a letís-dress-up-mood, highlight the season. Thereís an assembled collage of colors, prints and textures to appeal to a variety of personalities. Taking a page from the past, fashion is giving a modern spin to otherwise classic stand-by styles. Chic safari looks, smart suits, tailored tops and pants – all with an urban edge. There’s also a nod toward ethnic and old-world romantic elegance. Clothes are being made with a sense of pretty.

This Season: Embrace Your Individuality

COLOR:Color forecast for 2011 Winter Wardrobe

Use color to energize Fallís clean lines. Color can bring a snap of visual originality.

Greens like luxurious emerald, asparagus or teal shades. Reds from burgundy, berry hues and rust to the elegant orangier tangerine shades. Blues range from cobalt and lapis to violet-blues. Regal purples and fuchsia pinks along with lemon yellows and rich golden tones round out the vibrant Fall choices.

Thereís no need to always be in matched pieces. Use unexpected color combos to change up your old wardrobe and neutrals.

Try adding a green purse with a camel or gold jacket and brown pants. Wind a blue scarf on a red or rust blouse. Pair burgundy jeans with a teal sweater set.

A purple skirt and pink blouse accented with a black belt and black shoes is an artistic take on color mixing. Cherry red also looks sophisticated with purple.

The neutrals this season are grey, silver, black, navy, camel and varied shades of brown.


Designs for Fall 2011

Navaho-blanket-prints. Wild animal prints have become classics. Cheetah, leopard, and zebra are a few to wear, but donít overdo it. (The black and white zebra pattern is for the Winter Harmony.)

Polka dots continue from last season in darker colors. These are for Springs only.

Oriental prints. Large, strong, color-blocked graphics to the smaller checks. Plaids are very popular, too. Large plaids are more flattering on skirts when cut on the bias and the squares looking like diamonds.
Choose your Harmonyís scale.

Bold florals are another Winter Harmony look. Keep them simple and stylized. Small to medium bright florals are fine for Springs. Blended or blurred for Summers.


Fabrics are luxurious this fall and winter

This season is about luxurious fabrics, substantial knits and leather as main pieces, and as accents. The classic tweeds and comfy flannel.

Fabrics that shimmer and shine. Lace is on everything from dresses to accessories.

Lamb shearling and other real and faux furs, some dyed in colors, on jackets, coats and vests. Exotic skins, often made in colors, too.


Layers are an essential look for Winter 2011

This seasonís designers appear to want to cover you up. The glamorous classics of Hollywoodís golden era have been renewed and emphasize the bodyís shape without revealing a lot of flesh.

Layering is fashionís latest way to design a new look. By re-arranging your favorite staples you can create fresh ensembles.

The key to this look is its differentiated tiers. Each item should end with several inches of the next layer showing; to look neat, not sloppy, choose all clean lines. Your own proportions are important to consider when trying this. Keep the number of pieces to three or youíll look like a clothes tree. (A jacket and accessories donít count)

Tops Big knits, cables and cozy fabrics are big for Winter fashions

The big knit Ė it's thick with large cables on sweaters and cardigans. Cropped and high-hip styles are seen on these cozy tops. This is a Fall Harmony style. The other Harmonies need flatter, less bulky cabled styles.

Tunics, those forgiving tops, have a few twists that make them more useful to all figures. Slight tailoring through the waist offers a more flattering shaping, while asymmetrical or strategic draping can dress them up. When matched to the pant color, in a luxe fabric, they become an elegant version of a pant suit. Add a brooch at the waist to spotlight the draping. If you have the youth and the legs, wear one as a dress or over skinny-leg pants.

Vests worn belted and made of fabric or fur.

Short-sleeve tops can be layered over light-weight, slim-fitting, long sleeved tops. This will stretch your wardrobe, giving you an updated look.

Jackets & Coats

Coats are colorful or neutral. Emerald green, reds, and camel or grey are the most

Varsity jackets are lighter and leaner than the traditional ones. This updated classic sports extra buttons and zippers. Wear it with jeans.

The jacket-meets-sweater style has knit sleeves. This version takes the bulk away and feels fun and sporty.

Coats are colorful or neutral. Emerald green, reds, and camel or grey are the most noticeable. They are body-skimming rather than loose. Plaids or tweeds make them look more casual. Belted, they emphasize your waist. Tie the belt snugly, letting the ends hang loose, rather than actually buckling it.

The cape is guaranteed to add drama, but can also make sense. Shorter, less flared versions can go on quickly.

Capes can be formal or sporty. They have slits so you can use your arms and come in many fabrics and patterns.

Capes and ponchos call for lean pants or skirts to have the right proportions. A fabulous boot or shoe will balance the look.


Pants are taking their cue from the 40's film era

Having seen the benefit of offering skirts at every length, designers now release us from wearing the same pant shape.

Pants are taking their cue from the 40's film era and are referred to as the Hepburn pant. It has a Hollywood waist which means no built-in waistband; instead, it zips at the side right up to the waistline, creating a smooth front.

Pants are either flared, tapered, or cropped. The wider pants need heels.

The culotte or ďsplit skirtĒ has been revived and worn with high boots. The culotteís hem should cover the tops.

Denim jeans in indigo and soothing earthy hues. These also come in a variety of leg styles, and can be dressed up with heels, a blazer, and a statement piece of jewelry, or special purse.


Skirt silhouettes are still tailored

They are longer, but not synonymous with hippy/boho this Fall. Solid or sometimes patterned, the silhouette is still tailored, and to look new, replace tights and boots with tinted sheer stockings and a smart platform heel. Maxi lengths are best on taller figures.

Midi-length skirts worn with boots and a belted sweater or vest are sporty. These skirts require emphasis at the waist or they will look dowdy. Tuck in your top or opt for a short top. Heels will balance the length best.

Pencil skirts are above the knee or at the base of the knee. A slim sequined sweater will dress them up.

Leather skirts are straight or pleated toward A-line. These luxurious skirts go well with a cashmere tee, or sweater, and ankle boots.


There’s a less buttoned-up look to work clothes

Thereís a less buttoned-up look to work clothes for the professional fields utilizing simple, smart, separates. Using separates can create a dress-look when the colors match, blend or are monochromatic.

Start with a skirt or tailored pants. Add a simple blouse or tunic, then a blazer or cardigan jacket, and finish with a scarf or great necklace. The day dress is another option for the office. They have high necklines, sleeves, and skirts with movement. A short cardigan could be added if needed.

The 40s spawned details from menswear tailoring such as shirtwaist dresses with deep, suit-like lapels that wrapped across the front (the surplice style).

The classic shirtwaist is done in solids, or either subtle or bold prints.

The shiftdress continues this season with long sleeves.

Maxi dresses in Impressionistic patterns. These prints might be Summer or Fall Harmony in design.

The dressy jumpsuit is an evening-wear option in place of a pretty dress.

Dressy dress options are: strapless, one-shoulder, or sleeveless. Some have ĺ sleeves, or long see-through sleeves, made in silk georgette, satin, velvet or silk chiffon. A beautiful color tops them off.

A satin, velvet or shimmery skirt or pant worn with a simple, dressy sweater is a new and interesting fabric combination for evening wear.

Boots & Shoes

It’s all in the details for shoes and boots in 2011

Itís all in the details. Buy one new thing that adds a sense of luxury and off you go.

Lace-up boots, heeled or plat formed, complement trousers for the office and jeans on the weekend.

Knee-high from the 70ís era look right with slim pants, leggings, culottes or mid-calf skirts.

Slouchy styles are worn with bare legs or fitted pants. Donít wear this style with long skirts or pants.

Ankle boots with heavy wedge heels also need to be worn with a lean silhouette. The trimmer-heeled ankle boots can be worn with matching tights or hose.

Peep-toe booties dress up skinny pants or skirts worn with matching tights or hose.

Lace-up boots, heeled or plat formed, complement trousers for the office and jeans on the weekend.Strappy, buckled boots are meant for jeans.

Riding boots are a classic and always in style for casual wear.

Heels or flats are colorful, metallic, and made of plush-textured fabrics. Many have glamorous faux jewels or are adorned with bows.

High-heeled loafers are recognized by the tassels or coin-slot markings.
These are good with tailored separates


Lady-like elegance is accented

Lady-like elegance is accented. Made of leathers, exotic skins, and tapestry.
Casual canvas on the weekend bags.

Clutches from envelopes to pouches in leather, and tapestry or graphic prints.

Small structured boxy bags. Their charm is in the details. A classic plaid works for day; gold and croc dazzle for day or night. This style is large enough to carry essentials. They have short or long straps.

Jewelry & More Notice-me necklaces are bold and dramatic. Pearls mixed with gold, silver or hematite metals

Make the look yours. Take a trend and give it your own twist.

Pearls by the layer. Notice-me necklaces are bold and dramatic. Pearls mixed with gold, silver or hematite metals, and glass beads to form more edgy necklaces, rather than prim and proper styles. All except Falls, may wear pearls and be in harmony, just choose the right metal combination.

Romantic mixes of glass, metal and genuine stones. Try wearing long-over-short necklaces such as a long chain over a pendant necklace.

Chocolate-tone metal jewelry is a new rich color choice. All Harmonies can make use of this metal. Mix and add interest with gold and silver pieces you already have. This metal shows up beautifully on greens, golds, and reds.

Rose-gold is back, and this rosy-toned metal is fine for Springs and Summers.

Sculptural, contemporary accessories. These geometric forms are bold and catch the eye when made in color. They complement the color-blocked graphic knits or simple classic silhouettes.

Gears and chains made into rings, bracelets, and necklaces to create an industrial mood and they also accent leather pants, buckled boots, and biker jackets.

Hoop earrings with gorgeous gems and drop earrings made of metals, beads or gems bring sparkle to classic outfits.

Rings made of little creatures wrapped around the finger are sparkling with tiny stones.

The peacock feather adds a flash of color to your hair. They are tucked into pony tails, clipped behind ears or onto a purse.

Cat-eye shaped glasses are the newest take in eyewear. Rectangular is still popular.

Remember: If it doesn’t look good on you, it’s not in style.


Shopping Strategy

As a shopping strategy, think of the clothes you already have as a collection that youíre cultivating over time. You donít need to replace them each season; just add 3-5 pieces with interesting colors, patterns or embellishments that work with what is already in your closet. (As you add something to your collection, always weed out items that you shouldnít wear, know are a mistake, or donít make you feel wonderful.)

When each new purchase is useful, versatile and fills a void in your collection, youíre being fashion forward and a savvy spender. Thatís satisfaction!

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