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Fall/Winter 2009 A Season for Smiles

When things are down, it’s time to bring fun into our wardrobe. It’s the moment for creativity. Shop smart, making careful decisions on pieces that are useful, fashionable for you and will last. Think: quality over quantity.

This season: Getting Your Money’s Worth

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Fashionable colors for Fall, Winter 2009

Colors are not dull this season. Three of them head the list with red at the top. The red range is warm and includes burnt and faded oranges, and pinks that are deep (check your elegant red-purples).

Regal purples are next with violet (a deep purple-blue) and plum shades.

Then comes teal in the deeper and brighter blueish hues with a hint of green, which makes them warmer than a traditional blue.

You’ll also see a variety of emerald and pine greens along with yellow and rich golds.

The neutrals are rich browns with more umph than the standard- issue brown. Camel and putty beiges (“greige”) will compliment the above colors.


lare plaids, houndstooth fabrics, and florals are just some of the great fabric designs for the fall winter season of 2009/2010fabrics

Large plaids reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes and the tartan plaid, which comes in various sizes.

The houndstooth in an 80’s era bold pop-art size, combined with other plaids and checks, and shrunk until it’s barley there.

Patchwork, painterly florals and foliage prints. Polka dots continue from last season. Wild cat and python prints for the Fall Harmony.
Please, no head-to-toe outfits in these.


Tweeds and boucle (a nubby wool), mohair, knits galore.

Leather on many garments besides the shoes and bags. Also, suede.

Satin, silk and velvet for evening, shimmery sequins all over or as an accent.

Tops tops for fall

How we dress tells a lot about how we feel about ourselves. It can be an affirmation that we take good care of ourselves… or not. Color and style are truly our friends. When we dress better, we generally feel and do better, and receive more respect.

Blouses with rolled sleeves–many in plaid. Be sure of your harmony’s scale. (The bold ones with white added are only for Winters) Pretty, loose blouses and sweaters. Some are longer in length with ruffles, bows or ties for a frilly look, or pleats and tucks for a tailored look.

Dressy tops are often seen in one-shoulder styles. Sparkle and shine add glamour.

Tunics down to the thighs. Keep these skimmed close to the body so as not to look like tents.

Long-sleeved solid or striped knits; again, scale is important to your harmony.

Vests are wonderful wardrobe stretchers. A plaid one layered over solids would be a new updater. The Fall person might enjoy a leather one.

Faux fur vests come in various lengths.

Pants         Fashionable leather jacket with leopard print blouse

Harem pants have made a full-blown comeback. Some are dressed up with satiny and metallic finishes; others are dressed down in comfortable cottons. They are nipped in at the shin or down at the ankle.

Trousers are black and look both chic and relaxed. Think: Katherine Hepburn and Grace Kelly who conveyed an easy confidence and sophistication.

Darker denim jeans are dressier than the lighter versions. The jean cut can be bought in colors other than indigo. Dress any of them up or down with accessories and choice of top and or jacket.

Skirts striped sweaters look great with skirts and boots

The knee-length straight (or pencil) skirt is very simple, but the fabrics they come in are the opposite: rich tweeds, metallics and brocades. Kicky short pleats may finish the skirts bottom.

Add a belted sweater or layer a blouse and vest or cardigan with it. Flared or fluted skirts are longer on the leg.


Sheath dresses are all the rage this season. Accessories can dress them up or down.

Bright sheaths. This body-skimming shape is a figure flatterer. Add a large brooch or silk flower to a solid color sheath. If it’s a floral or abstract print, earrings and a solid cuff bracelet are enough.

Architectural shapings, unusual sleeves and gloves complete a dress and coat ensemble or a suit.

Versatile two-piece dresses that look like one are a great wardrobe stretcher.

Origami (the artfully folded and formed technique) is applied to dresses.

Evening dresses with a one-shoulder style are a more covered up version of a strapless dress. Dramatic types work best with this style. Also, straighter, wider, shoulders, not sloped, are needed.

Swagged and draped evening dresses, short or to-the-knee is just the length.


fall, winter jackets

Casual cardigans (or the “boyfriend” cardigan) are longer and can replace the jacket during transitional weather. Cables are often part of the style.

Watch for the scale and bulky factor as it applies to your harmony. This sweater can be worn open, buttoned or, belted.

Some dressier, fine-knit cardigans have faux-fur collars.

You’ll notice long cocoon-type cardigan/jackets. They look best over slim bottoms. You want subtle drape, not a swingy cape.

Leather tailored jackets are buttoned or belted. Soft, buttery leather can be worn by all harmony’s, but need to be very refined for Springs. Summer and Winters. Color instead of brown or black will also lighten the leather look. Falls may go heavier and more textured.

Utility jackets–they have pockets everywhere.

Military-style jackets. Jackets lined in plaid botanical prints.

Three-quarter, or elbow length, jackets with a nipped waist, more shoulder definition and some with flattering peplums.

Tasseled wraps that you tie, drape or throw over your shoulders.

STYLEpurple coat

The short trench in color. Peacoats, cut short and three-quarter, also in color.

Knee-length coats in neutral tones or bursting with color.

Cardigan–style coats are a good pivotal piece to enliven jeans or slacks.

Coats with a matching skirt or dress. Some with the fuller dolman sleeves.

ACCESSORIES accesories for fall and winter 2009

Clearly, the all-important touches are front and center again.

Beware: There seems to be an insatiable desire to pile pearls, beads or chains upon more pearls, beads and chains on an outfit. This is a questionable fashion statement as it can be too heavy, bulky or lavish beyond reason.

Bib-style necklaces – this necklace design has several strands, using a variety of beads, often in mixed sizes and even in mixed metals, colors or chains.

Bold, semiprecious stone necklaces in the 16”-18” length. These look great inside a colored shirt or blouse for all the Harmonies. Springs need to stay with small – medium scale stones.

Ornate cuff bracelets are perfect for any three-quarter-length sleeve to show off your wrists. A plain blouse in a solid color will highlight the cuff’s textured pattern.

Ornate broaches and silk flowers accent sweaters, twin-sets,dresses, suit jackets, coats – even as a waist accent.

Retro designs are applied to necklaces, bracelets and glasses.

The satchel bag in neutrals and colors. Chain-strap bags look great with a sleek day-night ensemble like a fitted blazer, crisp pants or jeans and heels.

Menswear hats from the bowler to the fedora sport a bounty buckle or contrasting band for a feminine touch. A plaid one would be very fun for you hat people.

Show stopping scarves in abstract, painterly or animal designs. Textured casual scarves in colors would be an easy addition to your wardrobe.

Detailed belts using metals, metallic ribbons, crystal and combos of metal, elastic and leather. Cinch a skinny one (or two) at the waist of loose tops or flannel trousers. Choose a wider one, if you prefer.

Watches with metallic bands, colorful embellishments or bright and shiny bands.

This season’s shoes are fresh, original and unexpected. Boots galore in various lengths from ankle boots – some with peep-toes – to over-the-knees boots. The latter is a dramatic look for the younger set. Temper them with a long cardigan worn over a short skirt and include opaque tights.

Creative, colorful casual ankle boot-style Keds for the youthful. Wear them with tights and shorter or rolled up jeans or skinny pants.

Leg-lengthening heels have plat forms, metal studs, feather and lace, sparkle and shine. They’re also made of exotic skins.

Day-to-night flats. This comfortable and stylish alternative to stilettos comes in so many variations and moods that I can’t list them all. There’s a lot to love!

Moccasin – style loafers. Loafers with details and pattern added.

The bottom line: if it doesn’t look good on you, it’s not in style.

Download a PDF version of the newsletter here

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