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Closet Taming
About this time of year stores are filling up with goodies and even though your rational mind knows you probably have plenty of clothes, your brain’s fashion neurons are firing and signaling that it’s time for new stuff. So now is the perfect time to review what’s in your closet.

Wardrobing Truths to Remember
  • Get a sense of what works for you. These things are the elements of your style. If, for example, you find pants that are flattering, invest in three pairs in different colors.
  • Keeping your wardrobe in shape is an ongoing process. Clutter is the enemy. Knowing, as you go along, what you need makes you a better shopper and minimizes impulsive buying. Also, keep trying new color combinations or give old favorites new life by adding new accessories. Keep a shopping notebook to jot down your needs.
  • Stick to your own basic Harmony and Fashion Type rules. This gives you a foundation for deciding what to add and will automatically keep you better organized and well-put-together.
You know it’s time to take action if:
  • What’s in your wardrobe has become a mystery to you. Everything is so crammed together you have no idea what you own – and you have trouble finding something you need.

  • Your closet is full of pieces you fell in love with and bought, but never figured out how to work into your wardrobe.

  • You wind up wearing the same combination over and over because you know it works and it’s a chore to wade though everything else or make repairs. Many of your clothes can be transformed with a new hem length, better buttons or new heels and soles on shoes, now is the time to do it.
The Plan
Have a full-length mirror, heavy-duty garbage bags and hangers of the same type ready. I favor hangers with a hook that allows 3-5 tops to hang in a vertical row, saving horizontal closet space.
(Longs carries them)

Try on things you haven’t worn recently. Ask yourself: Do I love this? Is it flattering? Is this the image I want to present?

Sort items into piles according to the yes, no or maybe answer to the questions above. “Keepers” (the yes’s), “sleepers” (need mending or cleaning), “donation” (the no’s), “dumpers” (they’ve had it) and the “archive” group to visit because you just can’t give them up (even though you haven’t worn them for a long time). Maybe they’ll come in handy for a costume, they are collectables – a designer piece, they have sentimental value or you could paint in them.

You may end up with a “maybepile as well. Rethink this pile and sort them into one of the other piles – probably the “donator” or “archive” piles. Just don’t let the archive pile grow to fit more than a storage box or two (I’m thinking of you pack-rats).

Return clothes to the closet, organizing by categories and colors (neutrals to brights) within the category. Then, you’ll always know where to look for that garment you want when you’re late.
  • Begin with tops, casual to dressy. Next, bottoms, skirts then pants, each in order of casual to dressy. Pant suits can go at the end of the line. Each group goes in color order of neutrals to brights.
  • Jackets are next. First come casual jackets then tailored blazers. Give bulkier outerwear their
    own area like the front entry hall closet.
  • Now dresses, beginning with casual, then the tailored dresses that can transition from day to night. Next, cocktail or evening dresses which can be a mix of glittery tops and fancy pants or short and long sparkly dresses.
  • Purses, hats and shoes can go up on shelves or on hooks. Take shoes out of boxes so you can see them. They are also organized from casual to dressy and by color.
  • Put out-of-season clothes away in garage storage or a separate closet.

  • Now you can “shop your closet” and find what you need. Even bum-around clothes should make you feel good. If you have too many boring basics, add color or a few statement pieces to add dimension. If you have too many trendy or impulse pieces, invest in a couple of neutrals to anchor your “personality pieces”.

    Stay organized by always putting your clothes back where they belong and taking stock twice a year.
    (The arrival of this newsletter could be your cue.)

    Now you can be ready for anything and focus on what you need to do – feeling great and confident!


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