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The casual-Friday concept is waning across the country. Many men and women prefer to dress to a higher standard whatever the day. Why should you look like you’ve paid attention for the first four days and then fall apart on the fifth day?

Dressing the part of success can bring success into your life. If you look sloppy to the public or colleagues, what are you saying about your competence or product?

If you wear suits to work, the conventional suit can also be worn with a new twist like reworking the skirt or pant with a sporty plaid jacket or cardigan. The jacket could be worn with a contrasting skirt and a scarf or necklace to pull the color together. You can look sophisticated without appearing stuffy. If it’s warm, a ¾ or long-sleeve shirt is a good replacement for a jacket. Also, there are short-sleeve jackets.

Creative fields allow for more mixing and matching and adding pieces with personality and color – wearable art of sorts.

There are more casual workplaces but even these could use an upgrade from jeans and t-shirt to chinos and polo shirt or a cotton shirt with a collar. A collared top always gives you more presence and authority.

In some cases, work that creates a need to be protected from damage requires a uniform or protective clothing such as aprons or lab coats.

If you are in public view, be as neat as possible. (And please, no belly should be showing in the workplace!)


The bottom line: if it doesn’t look good on you, it’s not in style.

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