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Fall / Winter 2013... Living Life in Color

Saturated colors, sharp lines, and rich fabrics bring a look of strength to fashion. Styles feature around-the- world prints, crayon-colored coats, cozy knits, feminine suits, romantic dresses, whimsical capes and other accessories.

This Season: A Modern Slant to Elegance and Luxury


colors for 2014

Rich and expressive colors overall. Burgundies described as Sienna (a burnt, brownish red) or Merlot (a little cooler in tone.)

Orange in bright and burnt shades. Paprika is a red tinged orange.

Gold. Marigold to brownish tones.

Emerald Greens. These are considered the color of the year.

Teal, which is a deep blue-green that can lean toward the blue or to the green side. Everyone can wear teal. Pair it with an elegant red-purple, N+ burgundy red, gold, or your elegant grass greens. Another way to combine teal is with a camel-brown, grey, or even a purply-navy.

Blue. Toward a cobalt shade. (About your last two dramatic blue fan sticks).

A bright spark of color worn with a neutral is always uplifting.

DESIGNfabrics for 2014

Glen and Tartan plaids. For an updated look, when wearing plaids, repeat one of the colors in a purse, shoe or scarf.

Menswear checks, chevrons and jagged hounds tooth checks. (Falls need to have the colors blending closely together to appear more as a texture). Always pair men’s wear fabrics with feminine pieces such as a silk shirt, a lacy or ruffled blouse, or a soft dressy sweater.

Stripes of the railroad, flag and racing gear type.

Lush leafy florals, regular florals, the classic fleur-de-lis and toile prints.

Graphic arts patterns, mirror prints, color blocking.

Animal prints (Keep these Fall harmony designs to one piece, not a whole outfit, and in more classic styling, not revealing). Wings and feathers.


design for 2014

Lavish textures: lace brocades, high gloss leathers, plush, velvety corduroy, metallics infused with stretch. Knits in cashmere, jersey or wool, gray flannel.

Knobby boucle and wooly tweeds. Pair these textured fabrics with a smooth fabric or a feminine styling.

Quilted detailing.

Denims with new finish referred to as coated denim, which have a surface treatment that casts a veneer of slickness, or patters such as camouflage, polka dots, or stylized designs.

Soft, buttery leathers made up in tank tops to layer under a jacket or over a shirt.


Elements of opulence and romance are balanced by edgy details. Look for simplicity in shades, impeccably tailored, from casual to dressy.

Tops tops for 2013 fall season

Cabled sweaters are always a seasonal favorite. (Flat and up to 1” wide for springs; not too bulky for Summers and Winters. Falls can enjoy a variety). Don’t go too long: high to mid-hip for the most flattering fit.

Loose sweaters, short to tunic lengths that convey a sense of ease. Some have uneven hemlines.

Beaded sweaters.

Printed cardigans, short to longer tunic lengths.

Tops with leather accents, sleeves in a different fabric such as sequins, or they might have a silk or satin front with knit sleeves.

The “lux sweatshirt” which is a stylish version of the gym style. Its slouchy, in a high- tech fabric like neoprene mixed with cotton, and might be solid in color, color-blocked or a print. Shaped hems, curbing long in the back on some styles. Wear this sweatshirt with slim pants to offset the loose fit.

Quilted vests and jackets in solid colors, not prints. (The flatter the fill, the less bulky it will look.) Keep other textures in your outfits subtle or flat.

Jackets, Coats, & Suits


Blazers in casual knits or in more lux fabrics, dressed up or down. Make them look & Suits casual by wearing them over a tee.

Boxy-shaped jackets. Slightly boxy may be more flattering than too boxy.
Casual styles are best for this relaxed cut.

Quilted leather jackets. (The diamond quilt pattern can be for Falls or Springs). Also, the smaller the quilting the more it looks like textural interest versus volume.

Moto Jackets (motorcycle). Fresh colors and feminine touches have elevated these sporty jackets. Wearing them zipped can make them function more as a top.

Capes. Every so often capes swoop back into fashion. Wear them with slim pants, skirts or dresses. They do reveal sleeves, so they should compliment whatever you’re wearing underneath. Shoulder bags will slip off, so choose a tote or large clutch.

Coats. Colorful, simply cut, and some with fur or leather accents. A stylish and useful coat is very important staple. Take your time and make a good choice.

Suits. Tailored, body-hugging suits with a 40’s and 50’s mood. Pair these with shoes that echo the same time frame: round-toe pumps with stacked heels, ankle-strap Mary Janes, or sturdy oxfords or heels.

Note to self... leave out the suit image if there isn't enough room

STYLE pants to buy for 2014

Skinny, slim, or straight in ankle lengths. Boot cut (the most flattering cut for all). Trouser and wider flared dressy pants.

Tapered trousers cropped just above the ankle and in fabrics that are soft and pliant.

Pajama pants in satiny fabrics (forget flannels) paired with something structural or fitted.

Jeans in colors and new surface and print interest as well as the classic dark wash indigo denim, corduroy, and velveteen.

Skirts skirts in all lengths for Fall/Winter 2013-14

You’ll notice a range of lengths just above the knee to floor dustings. The mini skirt is worn with tights.

Pencil skirts in all types of textures. They should skim, not hug your shape. Below the knee to just above mid-calf is sophisticated now.
(Never have a length stop at the widest part of your calf).

Skirts that are tiered and longer in the back than the front. They are fitted through the hips and flare at the hemline.

Matching skirt and sweaters. They are chic and flattering.


The LRD (little red dress) is a new update of the usual LBD. Black, pewter, or silver shoes (not gold) will keep it from looking Christmasy.

Graze-the-ankle or short full-skirted dresses with nipped-in-waist.

Sweetheart necklines, bell sleeves or skirts.

Solid colors or floral, lacy, or fringed. Feathers, fringe, or sequins as accents, on half or all of the dress. Choose simple shoes for the more elaborate dresses.

Jewelry & More

jewelry and accessories for Fall

Metallics and the new graphite, which is softer than silver and deeper than pewter, add shine without looking too flashy.

Colorful stones and sparkling glass beads add fun and flair.

Mixed metal pieces add interest and pattern to wear with simple, solid wardrobe pieces. Mix chains with pearls or other beads in your harmony choices for a new look.

Intricate curlicues and scalloped edges give pendant earrings a lacy look. They’ll add sophistication to jeans, or could play off pretty prints with similar shapes.

A statement necklace, bracelet or pin, simple and impressive.

Watches with bright bands.

Snoods, Part hood, part scarf; they’re a cozy way to warm your neck.

Scarves in patterns and colors can add a welcome punch to understated outfits, or jackets and coats.

Leather gloves in rich shades. Some are quilted.

Boots & Shoes boots and shoes

As seen on garments, so goes color blocking, studs and statement prints on shoes.

High-Heeled Loafers, calf-hair heels, strappy high-heels sandals, ankle-strap Mary Jane’s on heels. Cap-toe pumps.

Wedge-heeled shoes can be dressy and comfortable while being stylish.

Pointy-toe flats, round-toe ballet flats. Flats in plaids, animal, and other types of prints.

Ankle boots galore. Peek-a-boo toes, zippered, buckled, split front (these won’t cut into your legs), and grey flannel uppers. Flat, stacked, and wedge heels.

Bags & Purses

Purses in all shapes, colors,  and sizes

Handbags sporting mixed materials of leather, fur, suede, chains, and studs.

Simple, unadorned leather bags.

Two-tone totes. Classic structured leather totes.

Mini duffels.

Clutches and zippered pouches in zesty prints.

The bottom line: if it doesn’t look good on you, it’s not in style.


Having Style Tips

You need only one perfect piece for each outfit to stand out. Select one with a unique shape, unexpected shine or special print. It could even be a versatile scarf with three of your colors in it, or a hat.

Each outfit has to take into account what purpose or activity it will serve (work, play, social, etc.). A change of shoes, jewelry or a different jacket might make it more useful.

Demand quality. Check the seams, the way pockets or hemlines are finished, or that the top stitching is straight. A bit of stretch makes the fit more flattering.

Layer to enhance what you love about your body or gloss over what you want to minimize.

Each season buy something on trend, right for you, and in your budget. Combine a splurge with a bargain. That makes fashion fun.


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