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Spring/Summer 2015… Fresh and Fabulous

Spring seems to signal we have another chance to get it right. We can do that in our fashion choices, and then present ourselves in the best way possible. Hopefully, the following information will inspire you to choose something that both flatters and suits you.

This Season: All About Relaxed Luxury (and fun to wear)

Because picture space is limited, and I cannot show each Harmony's version of an item, when viewing the pictures, you should adjust in your mind the style lines or scale of a print to suit your harmony. For example:

  • a sheath dress shown with a round neck could be changed to a V-neck, and then be  correct for a Fall.
  • A large abstract could be adjusted to a small abstract, and be right for a Spring.
  • Of course, some styles are not going to be for you at all.



fashion colors for Spring 2015

Add playful pops of color to liven up your style. Upbeat Buttercup yellows. Desert Golds. (Remember yellow or gold go with every color in your spectrum.)

Kelly greens, Military olives, Mediterranean blues, and Purples.

Warm, bright reds, corals, and pinks from bubblegum to brownish tones, to many shades and tints of rose. (The paler pink-blush colors are a neutral for Springs and Summers.

Spicy cinnamon and burnt oranges.

White, grey, black, navy, and beige are the neutrals.

Try expanding your wardrobe by pairing two solid colors in one outfit. A neutral+ color is always good, but you can be more expressive. Wearing two shades of one color is a subtle way to do that.

Make more of a statement with two neighboring colors on the color wheel. (blue and green, blue and purple blue, yellow-orange and gold, or gold with a yellow-green.

Go bold in a notice-me color and a color opposite it on the color wheel (Red-purple and yellow-green, purple and yellow, or coral/orange and blue.


fabric designs for Spring, Summer 2015

Happy gingham checks, small florals, whimsical bees and ladybugs, patchwork and plaids. (For the Spring Harmony)

Nautical stripes, tie-dye, and sun-bleached stripes.

Batiks and Indian woodblock prints, artsy paint-splattered patterns. These will be mostly for the Fall Harmony.

Statement prints in a variety of subjects: lush florals, bold abstracts, color blocking. (Mostly Winter Harmony, some Fall Harmony depending on colors.).

Animal prints, exotic leafy florals. (For the Fall Harmony)


Denim is elevated into wrap coars and sophisticated workplace suits, as well as dresses.

Airy, gossamer cottons, breezy linens, lightweight knits…some with textural detailing.

Lace, chiffon, and other sheer fabrics. These are used all over, or as insets for styling details.

Denim is being elevated into wrap coats and sophisticated workplace suits, as well as dresses.

Added trims, embellishments on denim. Elvis-like studs and colorful embroidery on many fabrics.

Fringe on clothes and accessories.

Shimmer before dark is OK. Just limit the amount to one item or two small accessories,
i.e. shoes and belt.


A modern take on the 70’s silhouette is the mood of the moment. One trend is a revival of soft, simple styles in the muted colors of the 70s.


Cutout sleeves, off-the-shoulder styles, lace insets, peasant styles are just some of the trends in tops for Spring, Summer 2015

Cutout sleeves, off-the-shoulder styles, lace insets, peasant styles.

Cropped tops are paired with high-waist pants, culottes, or skirts. Camisoles.

The slim tunics, nipped in at the waist or belted.

Camp shirts have breast pockets (don’t use them) and a roll-up sleeve option.

Denim shirts. Some are tunic in length. Gingham shirts, solid shirts.

Sleeve lengths range from sleeveless to elbow to 3/4 sleeves.


Fashionable jackets for Spring 2015 feature clean-lines flowing styles or short boxe jackets

Clean-lined and flowing styles. Sleeveless, almost vest-like, for warmer climates.

Short boxy jackets have an easy fit. Short jean jackets in colors.

Military flight or safari jackets. These are functional with many pocket options. Keep these feminine by mixing in a camisole or a pretty detailed top underneath.

The classic and relaxed trench in lighter and softer fabrics. There are wrap and button-up styles as well as shorter hip-length versions.


mini to maxi lengths, find the most flattering for your body this Spring 2015

Swishy skirts, flared with a flounce, pleated fuller skirts, wrap and A-line skirts are highlighted.

Mini to maxi lengths. Choose your most flattering. Whichever length, it should always end at the narrower or thinner part of your legs.

Temper a breezy full skirt with a more fitted T-shirt or crisp shirt.


Trim fatigue pants or flowy drawstring pants

Trim fatigue pants are the new cargo pants. Flowy drawstring pants.
The new culottes are as swingy as a skirt, so treat them the same when you top them.

Cropped wide-leg pants similar to culottes, but trimmer. These can sub for a dressy skirt when in a neutral and you dress up the top and your accessories. Wide-leg trousers will need a higher shoe.

Ankle pants worn with flats, strappy heels, or pumps. Roll up the hems for a fun look.

Jumpsuit culottes…this hybrid has leg volume and shorter hems. The length should be mid to lower calf. Pair them with a wedge shoe for needed height.

Regular jumpsuits are sporty or dressy. Choose substantial shoes and jewelry for the utilitarian styles, strappy shoes and less tailored jewelry for the dressier styles.


The denim dress is the ultimate casual, laid-back dress.

The iconic wrap dress, the 60’s shift dress (cut straight down from under the arms with no waist definition), and the classic shirtdress which buttons top to bottom and defines the waist.

A new version of the shirtdress literally looks like a long shirt with a shirt-tail hem. It’s a nice casual, easy-going, comfortable look and can be worn with sandals, or fun lace-up Keds, and other flats.

The denim dress is the ultimate casual, laid-back dress.

The one-easy-piece dress that has the look of a two-piece dress.

Maxi-dresses. The flattering fit and flare, very romantic dresses from opulent, daring, to demure and sweet. The all white ones are best on the Winter Harmony people.


Pantsuits for 2015

Pant suits came of age in the 70s as women emerged to take charge in the workforce. This time around pant lengths vary. Tapered to ankle length, straight to wide, and longer in length. Short-sleeved will be a warm weather option.

Business suits can be replaced with a streamlined dress worn with a short, trim blazer over it. No need to be so matchy-matchy.

Separates, using a neutral skirt and pop of color on the jacket are fine for many workplaces. Button up the jacket and wear with a camisole if needed for coverage. Match the cami to the neutral skirt, or use an accent color to the jacket for a livelier look.

Jewelry Natural stone jewelry and rose gold for 2015 Spring fashion

Beaded jewelry with American Indian and India-inspired designs.

Natural stones set in sharp, geometric settings.

Statement jewelry. These should be worn on simple, solid-colored outfits so they don’t have to compete and lose their effectiveness.

Delicate chains and necklaces layered together. They go well with the airy fabrics. Mix metals and/or styles for a fresh update.

Drop earrings in a variety of styles and materials.

Rose gold metal accents on jewelry and even watches.

Sleek metal barrettes, colorful headbands, and sunglasses.


Shoes for 2015

Shoes with the same prints seen on tops, skirts, pants, and dresses. Colorful stylings.

Platforms. These are great with flowy or wide pants and skirts.

A new-season-hybrid of bootie and sandal.

The minimal sandal. It’s void of too many straps, and they are thinner and barely there.

Gladiator sandals with some laced up to the knees. This is a Fall Harmony style.

Ankle-strap sandals. Longer lower legs are needed for this style, as well as slim ankles.

As a reminder; any Harmony can wear narrow straps. Springs and Summers should not go wider than 1” or they will look too heavy or bulky.

Espadrille wedge sandals. All-leather wedge sandals.

Flats with more pointed toes. All Harmonies can do them. Sling-back flats and heels.

Laser-cut leather in small eyelet and geometric designs…a Spring Harmony look.

Patterns on pumps with dramatic to romantic to fun themes.

The sport oxford is more polished than a standard sneaker.

Easy-going slip-ons; both classic and cute styles.

Activity shoes in colorful, fun designs and varied texture combinations.


small drawstring duffles are best for Spring Harmonies

Bucket bags in solid colors; some are two-toned or decorated in a variety of ways.

Duffle bags in large and medium sizes. Knapsack styles plain or with decorative studs and color blocking. Tote bags in neutrals, and more colorful.

Smaller drawstring mini bags – these are for the Springs. Falls will do better with a structured clutch when they need a smaller bag. Winters, Springs, and Summers may do a soft or structured clutch.

Fringe trimmed bags. Any Harmony can do fringe in the correct color and material.

Remember: If it doesn’t look good on you, it’s not in style.


Great Style Has No Age

As you age, choose form-fitting, not skin-tight garments. Styles that skim the body work on all body types. Don’t hide extra weight under very loose styles or sizes.

Skirt lengths are neither scary-short nor frumpy-long. Hems should end where your legs start to taper, or are narrow, skipping the widest part of your knees or calves.

Because our skin and hair lighten up in value as we age, we need to carefully add more definition to our features. (Foundation should always match our skin tone and blend to our neck color.)

The “Natural look,” is actually more aging. Adding more color doesn’t need to be heavy or bright, but needs to be enough to enhance and define.
Eyeliner and mascara are helpful to brighten and lift the eyes. Be sure to fill in your eyebrows too. They frame your eyes.
Now, a touch of blush to balance the eyes. Sometimes the blush we’ve used for many years needs to change to a softer tone. If your blush has been in the natural brown tone, you will want to try one with a bit more color.
Lipstick needs to brighten up rather than using neutral shades. Matte lips are less youthful than creamy or slightly glossy textures.

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