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Fall / Winter 2018 ... Celebrate Creativity

Let’s make getting dressed fun and intentional. Try wearing new color combos, colorful print shoes, a poncho instead of a jacket, or a velvet top. There’s an assembled collage of colors, prints, and textures to appeal to a variety of personalities. Experiment with your Harmony’s lines, designs and textures to guide you.

This Season: Laidback, Yet Luxurious


Fall Colors 2019

Rich classic colors predominate. The standard crimson or burgundy reds, emerald greens, and the regal purple, and cobalt blue.

Deep pinks and bright fuchsia, a little orange and gold, too.

Many neutrals like camel, bronze tones, pewter, greige (a brownish gray), navy, black.


Beautiful Fall 2019 design

Plaids are plentiful in medium to large scales, and some are bold. Window pane, the classic watch plaid, and classic menswear plaids.

Geometrical motifs of the Southwest and color-block designs. Animal prints.

Stripes are narrow to wide, and some have a graphics art look.

Florals are carrying through from the last season, but shift into deeper colors. Look for your harmony’s type of floral and correct scale.

18th Century India paisleys and stylized camouflage referred to as Regimental.

Folkloric prints. Landscape scenes on tops, jackets, and scarves.


shearling, sparkle and tweed fabrics for 2018 Fall fashion

Think cozy. Fabrics that feel luxurious against the skin.

Knits & tweeds that are soft or chunky. Corduroy, even on coats and jackets.

Hand-painted yarns brighten the usual neutral colors.

Sparkly, or opulent textures like alpaca and cashmere. Metallic accents lend shimmer and shine. Plush velvet.

Shearling trims, fringe. Patent finishes on outerwear, shoes and handbags.

Of course, denim in the usual indigo, or in colors for more fun.


Mismatched plaids and prints all in one outfit is a fashion industry misguided idea still seen in magazines. Please don’t be a fashion victim.


Fashionable tops for Fall 2019

Tunics in soft knits worn over slim pants. Some have uneven hemlines or form a V in front and back.

Jersey knit shirts are an update to the iconic button-down shirt.

Tailored shirts dressed up in silk or satin, or in casual classic prints.

Blouses with tied necks, either bowed or knotted. Bell and ruffled sleeves. Wrap tops.

Sweaters with cable designs. Sweaters with shorter fronts, graduating to a longer back.

Short, collarless, button, or no-button, cardigans to wear with dresses. Sometimes with rolled edges on the front opening.

Longer, tunic length, collarless cardigans look sportier. Use a wide belt to cinch them in to give an alternative fitted shape.


An array of fashionable pants for Fall 2018

Skinny, narrow, straight, flared, wide-leg… it’s your choice. Choose your most flattering style. Most can wear more than one. Also, some pants might be high-waisted.

A Jeans Hem How-To: Roll each jean leg hem into a 1 1/2” wide cuff that
just covers the top of a short boot. Fold once for a thin cuff with heels.

The Trouser style with a cropped, cuffed length, or the longer length. Dress them up with pumps, or strappy-heeled sandals. For a suit look, you could add a blazer.

Jumpsuits, pantsuits; some with cropped pant lengths.

Double-breasted, or strong-shouldered pantsuits for power dressing.

Fuller figures should wear a single or vertical two, or three, button pantsuit.

Sequined trousers for an evening update.



Kilts, a classic, have come back on the scene. Pencil skirts, short, medium, and long lengths. Leather skirts. Fitted skirts with flared hemlines.

Plaid and check skirts worn with a coordinated solid-colored sweater or blouse.
Lengths vary
, so choose your best one, or two.

Prairie skirts continue from last season; made in prints and solids with deeper colors for daytime wear. For evening wear, look for shimmery, dressy fabrics with solid, brighter hues.


Dresses for Fall

Casual prairie stylings. Shirtdresses. Three-quarter length sleeves, uneven hemlines, a touch of ruffle detail adds a soft, feminine feel.

Longer pencil skirts on evening dresses. Shimmer and shine, too.

Classic sheath dresses in luxurious fabrics such as velvet, sequined animal and abstract prints. Some with asymmetrical, or strapless necklines.

Evening dresses reminiscent of Dynasty society ladies. Lacy neutral slip dresses worn with vibrantly colored long gloves.

Dressy tops worn with tailored velvet pants, or skirts, can replace a dress.

Jackets & Coats

Jackets and Coats, the newest look

Car Coats are longer than a blazer, and usually a bit shorter than a 3/4 length coat.

Ponchos and a new combination cardigan/poncho style is useful, stylish, and you don’t have to pull it over your head. Another combination is a cozy hooded cardigan/coat. These are longer, to just below the knees.

Blazers with a riding coat styling, some classic blazers have a loose fit, or are nipped in at the waist; double-breasted or single.

Cropped blazers are great for the shorter people, or long-waisted figures.

Cutaway, or Tuxedo, jackets. They are longer, with a curved hem and made of a plush velveteen.

Coats and jackets in cheerful colors give you a choice other than the usual neutrals, and different fabrics from the usual add a unique quality.

Jean jackets splashed with Southwest scenery and in colors other than indigo.


Best jewelry looks for 2018

Artistic, wearable art. Abstract designs, nature themes, chunky stylings.

Floral Forget-me-not designs are a dainty choice for the Spring Harmony.

Artsy hoops in sculptural shapes, and interesting details and textures will add personality to classic outfits.

Candy-colored glass jewelry. Crystal earrings.

Brooches: whimsical, nature themes, classic or abstract designs.

Lucite bracelets and earrings in pretty colors.

Statement cuffs, sculptural and bold. Leather cuffs for the Natural Fashion Type personality.


Shoes, Boots, fabrics, fun styles

There are many shoe heel styles available: Kitten heels, chunky heeled pumps, low to high, strappy stilettos and flats.

A flapper favorite… the black and white spectator pump. Red and cream is a new choice.

Tall boots, booties. Ankle boots are very noticeable and go with everything. They come in low, sturdy heels for casual wear, medium to higher spiky heels for skirts, dresses, or ankle pants.

Boots with belts wrapped around them. Cowgirl boots. They are dressed up when done in black with an attached jeweled anklet.

Many shoe styles have studs as a nod to the biker look.

Shoes with spirited prints, plaids, or stripes.


Pursed, Handbags

Traditional bags with untraditional prints, like animal, stripes, plaids, or color blocking.

Also, untraditional fabrics like tweed, patent leather, and even silk.

Traditional bag shapes with extra long fringe. A trendy look, and not very practical. A touch of fringe would be a better choice.

Crossbody bags. Circle bags are a Spring Harmony look, obviously.

Passport bags, traveling not required.

Non-disposable shopping tote bags are replacing disposable shopping totes to be stylishly used over and over.


Hats, Scarves, Long Opera Gloves, best for fall

Felt fedora hats. Alpaca hats. Bucket hats with fleece linings for winter warmth.

Scarves in plaid or bold designs, wrapped, draped, or tied to accent your outfit.

Wide, soft, buttery leather sash-like belts. Bolo ties to go with the cowboy and prairie styles.

Longer opera gloves in glossy fabrics, and brighter colors, or neutrals.

Hexagonal frames are the new eyeglass frame for the Fall Harmony.

Watches with abstract, deco, colorful, opulent, and sculptural bands.

What’s In Your Closet?

  • Ask yourself if everything in your closet is worth keeping. To quote organizing phenom, Marie Kondo, “everything you have (wear) should spark joy.”)

  • Default dressing… wearing something just because it’s there… doesn’t make you feel, or look, your best. Remove it!

  • You should love everything in your closet. Then, your dilemma will be, “Which one of these great choices shall I wear today?” Choose the one that suits your mood, and is appropriate for what you are doing.

  • What is your appearance message today? To look competent, to look like a leader, to look friendly, to have fun?

  • To look competent, wear classic styles combined with more interesting accessories.

  • To look like a leader, wear 2 high contrasting colors, or wear a lighter or brighter with a darker neutral color, creating high contrast.

  • To look friendly, wear warmer colors.

  • To have fun wear brighter colors.

The bottom line: if it doesn’t look good on you, it’s not in style.


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