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Spring / Summer 2018 ... Look Good, Feel Good

This season the days lengthen and become warmer, and our spirits are renewed. As we see the fashion world taking on a relaxed, easy-going vibe with pastels and soft fabrics, there is also a trend toward bold, fun colors, embellishments, and a free-spirited approach to style.

This season: Many Moods, Many Looks

COLOR:   Spring colors in pretty pastels and hopeful yellows

Pastels always show up in the Spring. Winters should choose the icy ones, Springs the clear, and Summers the soft, greyed-down versions. Never for the Falls. To avoid a frou-frou look, wear them in tailored pieces. Lavender is the newest pastel. Summers work with this the best.

Pink, soft to bright, soft blues, to deep periwinkles. Find a range of periwinkle blues at the end of your Dramatics.

Happy, hopeful yellow, orange, red (wear with your denim, any navy blues), jade greens soft to bright; look on your second dramatic green stick. Yellow Greens.

The neutrals are navy, deep and dark denim blues, beige and khaki beige, black, white, grey.


Stripes, checks, and plaids, doodle prints and florals

Stripes galore, checks and plaids, polka dots. Pay attention to scale.

Doodle prints. These are very Spring Harmony in design, as are butterfly prints.

Small to large bright florals, soft pastel florals. Flowery paisleys.

Leopard prints. High contrast versions will look too busy, so look for medium to deep combos instead. A Fall Harmony design.


The usual cottons, knits, and denim. Airy, see-through knits for lightweight and beach coverings, or for layering over a tee which gives your basic tee a new, dressier look.

Floaty fabrics will add grace and femininity.

Polished leathers or synthetics with high shine. Metallics.

More fringe and tassels. Embroidery, eyelet, lace and floral or leafy appliqués, beading and sequins.

STYLE  What you wear affects your mood

Studies have shown that what we wear affects the way we feel. This impacts our mood and ability to be productive.

Having style is ageless, so wear your Colors and Harmony Styles with confidence, smile and feel good about yourself as you go through your day.

Tops  Soft, draped tops, cold shouldrs, wraps and angled hems. Find them all this Spring and Summer 2018

Soft and draped tops. Puffy sleeves… some are exaggerated for drama. Bell sleeves, elbow sleeves.

Cold-shoulder tops have a cut-out on the outer shoulder area above the sleeves.

Wrap tops, some are longer, ending at the lower hip. Be careful they don’t cup under the tummy… not a good side view.

Curved bottom hems, or shirt-tailed hems are very flattering on most figures.

Angled hems also work well… especially on Falls.

Embroidery, tassels, fringe or ruffles added to classic styles.

Shirt-style blouses and Polos in solids, stripes and prints.


Draped trousers, culottes, higher waists on pants this year

Draped trousers and culottes. Flared or wide-leg pants need higher heeled shoes.

Higher waists on pants. Cropped and ankle pants.

Loose floral pants.

Chinos are a step above the denim jeans style, adding more polish to your look.

Jeans in pastel and bright colors look more creative. Roll hems of your jeans to show off ankle boots. One wide cuff complements ankle-strap shoes.

Track pants, with a stripe up the side, worn with a matching jacket.


Pendil skirts are the In style this Spring and Summer; circle skirts, too.

Pencil skirts cut below the knee, in lighter colors, a variety of prints, and shiny fabrics, separate them from the career look. Wear with higher heels or you could look dumpy.

Short pencil skirts can be worn with flats or heels.

Skirts with bubble shapes.

Circle skirts short to long, swishy cha-cha skirts, and classic pleated skirts.

Handkerchief hemlines have returned. These are pointed, uneven, sometimes asymmetrical… very good for the Fall Harmony.


Wrap dresses, shirt dressed, angled necklines; Find your own style this Summer season 2018

Wrap dresses, sleeveless or with 3/4 sleeves and straight skirts offer a tailored style.

Shirt dresses, sleeveless or with sleeves, are a good casual dress choice. Add a blazer to take them up a notch.

Angled necklines, V and curved necklines. Follow your Harmony lines.

Sleeveless, elbow sleeves, cold-shoulder styles.

Flowy maxi-dresses and free-spirited Bohemian styles.

For evening you’ll see slip dresses, columns, swishy styles and some in airy fabrics, sequins, or trimmed with feathery fringe.

Dresses with side slits to show your legs.

Jackets  Blazers, relaxed short jackets, jean jackets

Blazers: fitted, boxy, tailored.

Relaxed short jackets, some in the jean jacket style.

Windbreakers in color blocking and other designs, as well as solids.

Shoes Red shoes! Prints on shoes, Nine West is selling retro shoes to celebrate 40 years

Red shoes. Shoes using 3 colors: one on straps, one on toes, and one on the main shape and other tricolor designs.

Punchy colors on sneakers and trainers.

Prints of all types, including leopard. Falls, make sure you choose low contrast leopard prints or they will look too busy, i.e. Caramel with brown, not beige and browns.

High skinny heels, low kitten heels, sling-back heels and flats. Ankle straps on high and low heels.

Mules both sporty and dressy.

Patent leather, metallics, sparkly and bejeweled stilettos for evening.

For the trendy or high-spirited… sheer ankle socks worn with heels. Slim ankles and long legs are needed here. And youth!

The Nine West shoe company is reissuing shoes from the past 40 decades to honor its 40th anniversary. These could provide a retro element for an outfit.

The first red shoe at the top left is a "Nine West" reboot.

Handbags Medium to large classic shapes, shimmery finishes - fashion trends for 2018

Medium to large classic shapes, and smaller round and heart shaped bags, in candy color hues.

Shimmery finishes on some bags, and Pop-art designs for the lively Spring Harmony.

Casual bags and totes with macramé net overlays.

Fanny packs worn cross-body as well as at the waist or hip. This time around they are more colorful and have designs like plaid, stripes, or trims.


Shiny and Glittery, Long earrings, Colorful stones

Shiny and glittery.

Floral, leafy, and whimsical themes, with butterflies the most prevalent.

Long earrings. In most cases, skip the necklace when wearing the more elaborate earrings.

Delicate designs and styles to go with the airy and soft fabrics and colors.

Lightweight long chains, some with tassels, or colored glass drops.

Colorful stones, glass and beads, to go with the bolder colors.

Gold collars, substantial bejeweled and metal collars 16”-18” in length.

Grown up hair clips, flower details for your hair, style it pretty for 2018

Grown-up hair clips or barrettes…sculptured gold styles are the newest idea.

Buds and bows… tuck a flower or bow off-center toward the side-back or into

an updo.

Jeweled head bands.

Flower details on sunglasses. Circle shaped sunglasses with colorful rims or rimless in pastel lenses.

Straw hats, bucket hats, statement sun hats with wide brims that can shade your shoulders.

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The bottom line: if it doesn’t look good on you, it’s not in style.

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