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Fall/Winter 2014... Sensible and Stylish

This is the season when rich colors, plush textures, and traditional patterns all bring a sense of cozy warmth and friendliness. Adding something contemporary or unusual to the mix can bring out your personality.

This Season: Be Expressive, Be Interesting


colors for fall 2014 fashion

Brights are nudging into Fall’s usual subdued tones, and pastels are continuing on into Fall, when usually they don’t appear until Christmas time. Many are very pale, which are tints worn by the Spring and Winter Harmonies as a neutral.

Reds from crimson and poppy to a sangria red, which is a deep N+ red that looks good on everyone.

Orange in the form of copper, persimmon, and earthy rust.

Gold and Green from bright to earthy and peaceful.

Teal on both the greener and the bluer side.

From Baltic to Delft, there’s a sea of blue tones.

Purple including the darker, mysterious aubergine.

The Neutrals are sandy beiges, camel, tan, brown, navy, and grey.


Design forecast for 2014 Fall

Butterflies are on everything, and are seen in new and stylized forms. (Falls should skip this and go for dragonflies instead.)

Abstracts. Key and arrow motifs done in colorful patterns.

Traditional plaids and stripes. Some stripes are wavy or diagonal. Unusual for this season are daisies, rosebuds, and lilies.

Camouflage, animal prints, and feathers. You’ll see camouflage in brighter color combos, and feathers in hummingbird shades for a new take on the traditional colors.

Modern Boho (Bohemian) designs in wild pattern and color mixtures.



Cozy knits, quilting, tweeds, velvet. Fur, even on purses. Fringe on everything. Wear it one garment or accessory at a time.

The bulkier the fabric, the leaner the cut should be. Bulky or roomy tops should be balanced with a slim bottom.

Bands of solid fabrics between patterned fabrics underscore the differences in the patterns.

Stretch scuba fabric.

Sheer fabrics with lace, embroidery, or trim. What’s new with lace is that it’s strategically placed, and worn in a way that plays down sweetness.


2014 Fall Style  are classic yet unique to you

Fashion at large is readjusting to the idea of casual, real, but not ordinary. There’s a need to reboot itself for both new customers and established older ones, either of whom may be showing signs of not finding clothes to fit their daily lives.

There’s a trend toward non-body-revealing silhouettes.


Tops, sweaters, and blouses

The ideal wardrobe should be a mix of classics and unique-to-you pieces. A blazer, a flattering skirt or pant. Sensible but chic shoes are a must; then fill in with your personality choices that catch the eye.

The classic oxford shirt. Solid or striped. Wear it under a crew, ballet, or V-neck sweater. The bottom can show below the sweater.

Cropped pullovers. Sleek turtlenecks are great for layering without adding bulk.

Cardigans are smooth, cabled, and printed. They are short to very long. Tunics, some with longer, pointed sides. Tops longer in the back than in the front.

Patterned knits exude ski-village-casual. Slouchy cable knit sweaters. Some make a graphic arts statement and are very dramatic.

Elongated skirt-length vests. They are worn with a skirt, a simple knit dress, or ankle pants.

The sweatshirt takes on bolder colors, colorful graphics, or interesting textural effects. These are for wearing outside the gym for an updated casual look.

Elbow patch hoodies are good for the Fall Harmony.

For dressier tops you’ll notice transparent sleeves in refined sheers or lace. Many are made in relaxed silhouettes. Embellishments, trims on sleeves and necklines, transform a top into something special.

Jackets & Coats

Jackets for Fall

Blazers have well-defined shoulders, either squared or rounded, and many are plaid. Some are tailored, some are loose. Choose your best shape. You might cinch in a loose blazer or jacket with a wide belt.

Vests, both long and short, are now used as outerwear worn in place of a jacket. Shearling and other fur, trims and linings, add warmth and style. Layer over a sweater and pants. The sweater can end below the vest if it’s short. For more warmth, a shirt might be added under a crew or V-neck sweater.

The bomber, or “Moto,” jackets have a more sleek and shiny look this season, and some are made of fur.

Fur-trimmed parkas.

Casual, quilted jackets. Be sure to choose your Harmony’s best lines and scale of the quilted pattern. Shearling-trims on suede, and denim, jackets.

Capes and capelets offer a bit more coziness than a stole or wrap.

Wraps have added glamourous touches, and could be worn over one shoulder and belted to stay put.

Coats are wrap-style, fur trimmed, lean and fitted, or loose. Coats may be several inches above a mid-length hemline, or be longer than the hem. Unique coats are made of mixed fabrics, colors, and fur.



The middy-skirt length. A longer, flared or full skirt. These all look balanced under a shorter, fitted blazer. Higher heeled shoes, ankle-strap shoes, and booties will finish the outfit.

The full-circle equestrian skirt is worn with riding boots. You need to be taller for this style to look flattering.

Part skirt, part pants, are the tailored culottes. For casualness, wear with menswear inspired shoes or flats, and then a sweater layered over a shirt. Dress the culottes up with heels, and wear a silk top, or a sweater set.

Mini skirts worn with low boots, flats, or heels are for the youthful.


Pants for Fall 2014

Chic trousers, some with extra flared legs. Leather pants and leggings in neutral colors. Pair them with a sporty sweater, dressy loose blouse, or sparking top. Pants in prints.

Stretch jumpsuits. Sleeveless styles can be layered over a turtleneck or shirt.

Athleisure” is a made-up word for clothes that combine function with fashion. It offers “tailored” sweatpants, yoga pants, and hoodies, minus the couch potato effect. We like casual + comfort, and these athletic clothes are more presentable in public and outside the gym.

Track pants are elevated in style through the use of both dressier fabrics and prints. A wide stretchy waistband offers comfort. Counter the pant’s slouchiness with a more structured top. A cinched ankle on these pants reins in the volume.

Always the jeans. Have a darker, well-fitting jeans ready to dress up. They are coming in many color choices, too. Some are waxed to an iridescent finish.
Expand into your N+ color sticks.


Stylish Dresses
Simple, short and middy-length knit dresses. Wrap-style, or long, floating dresses, some in interesting prints. Swishy, swingy date-night dresses. Tiered ruffles or fringe.

Jewelry Jewelry

Emeralds keep the color green going. Costume jewelry in many colors.

Sparkle and shine prevail. Lacy filigree. Colored glass in various motifs including butterflies. Tassels on jewelry, shoes, and handbags.

Link necklaces and bracelets. Boho beads. Decorative beaded “collars” add definition to a jewel or crew neckline.

A scarf is the new necklace. It can instantly add a breeziness or elegance when tied cowgirl style, or tied cravat-style. A long scarf wrapped and knotted around your neck, too, is simple to do. Tie a triangle-folded square or long scarf around your waist and hips for a nonchalant boho look.

Sparkling evening scarves.


Shoes for 2014 fashion

The more walkable wedge styles with a sleeker look. Some have an edgy look with zippers or chains. T-straps have a hint of the Gatsby look.

Gleaming metallic finishes. Menswear tweed fabrics.

Ankle strap shoes have wide or thin straps. Longer legs and slim ankles are needed for this style.

Pumps, plain and fancy. Neutral and colorful.

Boyish flats and Lace-ups. Choose more refined versions if you like these.

Slip-on or lace-up, the sporty sneaker style is updated with new shapes, bright colors, and fun prints. They are styled from low-cut to high.

Boots Boots arein style for 2014 Fall and Winter

Flat, low-heeled, and high. Lace-ups, decorative closures, bright colors. Tall boots or short booties. Equestrian, western, hiking, some are fur trimmed.

Bright rain boots.

Handbags Purses

Classic handle bags. The duffle, clutch, medium-sized shoulder bags. These are all done in a variety of styling: futuristic shapes and metal finishes, along with smooth, or reptilian leathers. Hand-painted, furry, or lace trimmed.


Fedora Hats
Felt fedoras in colors and neutrals. Baseball caps in unusual colors and fabrics such as lace, or with sparkle and sheen.

Personal Style Isn’t Just About Fashion

We all know it when we see it: the person who always looks special, or carries off a confident look, or just seems so appropriate and comfortable for what she’s doing. She makes a lasting impression. It’s called personal beauty style and it’s very individual.

Part of looking great is attitude. If you present yourself as being the best of who you are, people will accept you that way. Your spectrum, lines, designs, textures, and fashion type, all support and enhance you, bringing out your best qualities while minimizing the “challenges” we all have.

  • Buy what looks great on you – not on the mannequin, your sister, or the T.V. star.

  • Before buying anything, mentally picture yourself wearing it. Ask yourself: Is this how I want to look in that situation? Gauge its versatility by trying on various options to wear with it.

  • Experiment with different combinations, breaking up matched outfits. I can help by doing a wardrobing session with you, finding many outfits out of what you already have using creative color and accessory looks.

  • Find out what makes you feel confident and special. What do you usually reach for? Look for those features. Open up to some new ideas, too, to give you fresh looks, i.e. button up your old cardigan and belt it wearing a scarf or necklace at the top without a blouse underneath.

  • Personalize what you wear. Self-expression is the largest part of style. (The Fashion Type class helps here.) Don’t forget your hairstyle in this area, keeping it updated. as well as your makeup.

  • Keep your look consistent. Once you’ve found your beauty style, stick with it. As new trends come along, “cherry pick” the ones that fit into your signature look. Work toward changes slowly and always with your best qualities in mind.

  • Unless it feels right, skip it.

The bottom line: if it doesn’t look good on you, it’s not in style.


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