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Spring / Summer 2024 ... Bright and Bold

When things are down, it’s time to bring mood-boosting colors and fun into our wardrobe. It’s the
moment for creativity. Shop smart, making careful decisions on pieces that are useful and fashionable for
you, and will last. Think: quality over quantity..

This Season: Getting Your Money’s Worth

COLOR: colors for Spring

Yes, Barbie Pink continues on… and on, along with pastel pink tones.

Bright, juicy, reddish purple berry shades called mulberry, and corals called “tangerine,” which is bright, with more red than orange in it. Both of these are Spring and Winter colors.
The softer “cantaloupe” could be a Fall or Spring choice.

Shades of herbs, like thyme. Many shades of blue from the soothing to bright.

Happy yellows and friendly golds.

Neutrals in tortoiseshell hues. Dark teal-blues can be a navy substitute for the Fall Harmony. It’s a universal color… looks good on everyone.

You’ll see many black and white combos. This combination overwhelms most people except Winters. Springs wear black or white individually, always with color. Falls may wear black mingling in prints, and on shoes or handbags, when worn with dark colors, but bronze shoes are a better dressy choice for Falls.

Navy and Beige neutrals, including barely-there blush tones. Those need to be used as a neutral with more color at the center of your outfit.


Clothing designs for Spring 2024

Botanical prints which are a combination of leaves and flowers. This season, they are in a small, delicate scale…a very Spring Harmony design.

Larger abstract, leafy and floral designs. Be careful of the scale for your harmony. Bright shards of stained glass, outlined in black. Ethnic motifs.

Stripes galore in a variety of widths and combinations. Choose the correct scale.

Medallion prints are mostly a Spring Harmony design. The larger scales are not for Springs


Vibrant fabrics for Summer 2024

You’ll see many textural accents in the form of beading, embroidery, appliqués, fringe, and lace.

Crinkled fabrics, crochet with a breathable texture.

Jersey knits are comfortable and travel-friendly. There are knit denims as well as the classic denim.

Seersucker is always a summer staple. You always see it in a pinstripe on blazers, pants, and shirts. It has a small puckered texture.

Tencel is a soft, easy-going fabric made from eucalyptus trees with no harmful substances, often seen in chambray shades. Satin is the new all-season dressy fabric.

STYLE Elegant and easy Style

Look for a mix of classics and scene-stealer pieces that can work in countless combos to liven up your wardrobe and express your personality. The new 2-piece outfits offer a welcome mix and match opportunity. Both casual and dressy versions.

STYLE:   Tops

Tops, blouses for your best look

Many detail choices on necklines and sleeves are noticeable. Ruffles, pleats, lace, embroidery, and ties. Both V-neck and curved necklines.

Elbow-length sleeves are a popular length.

Hemlines might be scalloped, fringed, lacey, or cross-over.

Center fronts may be tied in a knot.

Shirts and blouses in classic, longer and shorter lengths, pretty colors, and with versatile roll- up tab sleeves. There are many florals or stripe choices.

Knit polo shirts with short and 3/4 length sleeves. The Johnny-collar style ups your style- game over a basic tee. It has an open, V-neck placket. It is a style for all harmonies, because the collar softens a more stark V neckline.

The basic Tee is refreshed with a variety of sleeve styles: elbow length, softly pleated, ruffled edges.

Tops with shorter midriffs are worn with high-waisted tights jeans, and other pant styles.

STYLE:   Pants

Wider leg pamts are all the rage, but many other styles from which to choose.

Most notable are the wider pant styles. They are gently to far wider. Palazzo pants, which have an easy drape and free-flowing wide-leg style. They can be ankle length and worn with flats, but longer lengths will need platform shoes.

Pant sets are a welcome head-to-toe trend. Think versatile matching pieces ready to mix and match with your basics. These will be a wardrobe bonus, and they also come in satin.

Dramatic print pants worn with a top that picks up one of the pant’s colors. You could have a choice of top colors to vary the look.

Comfortable pull-on pants with a faux fly in denim or other stretch fabrics. This feature eliminates stomach bulge under many knit tops.

Cropped pants and jeans. These also come in a choice of widths.

A variety of embellishments, including fringed hemlines, add interest.

Bermudas are slimmer in style and end just above the knees.

STYLE:   Skirts

Skirts, easy pull-on, pencil skirts, statement paterns n skirts

Easy pull-on elastic waist skirts, about ankle length.

Statement skirts with bold patterns and uneven hemlines.

Pencil skirts in casual denim to dressier versions, like satin.

Wrap, A-line skirts. These are shorter. Skorts for play…tennis, golf, pickle ball, walking.

Dressy, satin flared slip skirts worn with a dressy knit buttoned cardigan or other fancy knit tops. Add metallic shoes & bag to finish the look.

STYLE:   Jackets, Cardigan


A shaped and tailored jacket can be your go-to topper for jeans, a skirt, or dress.

Longer blazers, as well as the classic length. Shorter blazers too, for a good proportion with dresses. The refined classic Chanel jacket with chic buttons. These are collarless, and can be worn by everyone and with everything.

A knit cardigan is an alternate, lighter choice. Short ones for skirts and dresses. Short or long cardigans for pants, whichever is your best proportion. Buttoned up they can serve as a top. Unbuttoned, it’s a nice layering, pull-it-together piece.

Floral prints on light-weight cardies and denim jackets are a fresh update.

There are new colors and washes on denim jackets. Athleisure jackets can double as coordinates for pants and shorts.

STYLE:   Dresses

Floaty dresses lead the way in 2024, but so many styles!

Overall, dresses are floaty and relaxed in style, with many ending below the calf. They are doused in bright colors and prints with delicate and small, or bold, florals.

Short, above the knees, swingy dresses. These, and the above, look finished with a cropped jacket or shrug.

The classic shift dress is another option. They are in solid colors or prints. Casual and dressy.

Princess seaming offers an easy, flatteri<br> ng fit. Smocked waistlines give a bloused top effect.

Ruffled hemlines, uneven handkerchief hemlines, and fringed hemlines are featured.

Simple knit dresses are the perfect backdrop for a distinctive accessory…short and long styles. Some with a tie-waist, or interesting neckline, or skirt closure.

Casual T-shirt dresses. Fringed hemlines and a Panama hat add personality. Shaped, or belted, flatter your waistline. Skimming the body will be more forgiving, but still stylish.

Bohemian peasant-style dresses feature subtly ruffed tiers and a tie at the waist. You’ll see them in solid colors and prints.

Short-sleeve caftans are an effortless option for at-home or travel

ACCESSORIES :   Jewelry Find your best style of jewelry, so many to choose from

New to the scene is macramé jewelry for your casual wardrobe.

Colorful plastic link necklaces will brighten up and complement denim outfits.

Metal designs with birds and other nature motifs from starfish to leaves.

Classic chains from fine to chunky and some chains with stylized shapes added, or contrasting beads mixed in with them.

Beaded necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Small and colorful beads are the newest look. Long and short singular strands.

Genuine stones and sparkling glass made into pendants, strands, and earrings.

Stretchy bracelets in a variety of moods. Worn singular or in groupings.

ACCESSORIES:   Shoes Sling-back shoes are making a comeback in 2024

The return of the slingback shoe offers low-heel ease. Try with jeans, as well as skirts and dresses. There are flat and heeled versions.

Ankle-strap sandals with chunky heels or dressy skinny heels.

Ballet flats. Falls should skip these if they have bows.

Many athletic and slip-on casual shoes, as well as sandals, with many color and design options.

ACCESSORIES:   Handbags&Totes

Crochet, leather, crossbody, and color in purses

Crochet bags and totes in large, medium, and small sizes.

Clutches in leather, crochet, metallics, and sateen.

Cross-body bags, Totes come plain, in prints, and in bright colors.

Leather bags with stitched designs, short handles, and in colors as well as neutrals.

Combination backpack/totes are handy for travel or shopping.

ACCESSORIES:   Details Sunhats, Barrettes, woven belts

Leather and woven belts. Some with fringed edges.

Many sunhat styles; some with decorative bands or fringe, and unexprcted pastel hues.

Decorative barrettes. Dressy mini-beaded styles, or with sparkling stones, or pearls, on netting to add to fancy upswept hairstyles.

Always a summer staple are fun sunglasses and are mostly for Springs.


Dressing Better in a Casual Era

  • How we dress is a symbol of what we think of ourselves. Dressing in public places should be different than in your family room.
  • Do your clothes say, “I don’t care,” when you go out? A meeting, the workplace, a restaurant, or home party, should suggest we elevate our image.
  • This doesn’t mean we have to be fancy…just appropriate and respectful of the situation.
  • A person dressed in their colors and styles looks more confident, feels more at ease, and looks more authentic.
  • When we dress better, others are more likely to treat us with respect and even kindness.

—— A Perfect Example ——

I recently received this note from a client who had her color analysis many years ago. She has applied what she learned from day one, making dressing well appropriate, and a good habit.

“I have to tell you how much I appreciate how you have taught me to look my best. We were coming hone from a cruise, and waiting in the Rome airport for our flight. I went to get coffee, and when I came back to my seat there was a couple sitting next to our seats. The woman looked at me and said, “You are a beautiful woman.” Her husband said I looked classy and elegant. I was shocked to say the least. How often does an 80 year old woman get told she is beautiful?!”


The bottom line: if it doesn’t look good on you, it’s not in style.


Continuing Your Winning Impressions

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