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Spring/Summer 2010 . . . Versatility

The range of fashion trends this season is dizzying. You cannot, nor should you, embrace every one, but with your harmony’s color design knowledge, you’ll be able to save a lot of time and energy, pare it all down and choose what’s right for you.

This Season . . Chic, Ethnic, Romantic

        forecast colors for spring 2010

There’s a lot of color energy out there. You’ll see greens galore, orange, coral, pink, red, yellow, purple, turquoise and other watery blues. The neutrals are grey by day and silver by night – pair with pinks or reds. Also, navy and the lighter softer slate navy blues, light camels and white.

Pair a bright plus your white, lightest beige or gray. Remember: a two-piece top in color will be an instant outfit when worn with a neutral bottom.

You can boost your mood with color. Navy plus turquoise set each other off and looks refreshing. Camels with red, orange, coral or greens are energetic. Yellow conveys a happy, sunny mood.


Patterns for Spring fashion 2010

Animal prints are on virtually anything wearable as are blurred blooms and garden florals.

Plaids, stripes, polka dots and arty abstracts. The latter are vivid and inspired by nature’s shadings on land and sea.

Digital technology has given us exuberant patterns not seen ten years ago. Use in small quantities.


Lightweight cottons and cashmere, comfortable jersey, and fabrics with stretch.

Jodhper cloth is a new unique premium bi-elastic cotton-twill fabric. It offers comfort, everlasting shape and is washable.

Puckered, scrunched, crinkled fabrics. Metallic for day and night.

Feathery embellishments, fringed edges, leather insets combined with cottons.


Style for 2010: ethnic, rugffles, & layers

The styles are a composition of urbane, minimalist, which encompasses sharp angles, flat planes and shapes; military influences and safari details command attention as well as a warrior look, borrowed from the movie Avatar. Tribal which is a catchall term for primitive and exuberant prints in clamorous colors, punctuated with truly funky accessories. A little of this goes a long way.

The trekker style is a combination of all of the above. It’s a new trend that’s a casual mix of several elements. Overall, it has a sense of adventure in its look and is best worn for weekends or vacations. This trendy style can be a total visual mess when carried too far, so watch out.

The new romantic is expressed in flourishes that range from the sweet to the seductive. It can be simple or detailed with ruffles or florals. Balance these with a tailored piece in the outfit so as not to look like a “dolly”.

Do make use of the trend of layering various pieces to add color, create interest and camouflage trouble areas.

Topsfashion tops for spring 2010 have ruffles, potrait necks, and roll up sleeves

The portrait neck is making a comeback. Button-up fitted blouses with surprising styling twists.

Corsetry lace-ups on front and backs of tops. (This was seen on many of the Olympic ice skaters costumes recently).

Appliqué embellishments, tuxedo pleated bib fronts. Ruffled plackets on the classic shirt (not for Falls).

Safari or pocket blouses with roll-up sleeves in colors. Some have stretchy insets for fit and comfort.

Belt these tops or not.

Camisoles allow you to play with layering and can be neutral or in a color depending on the outfit’s other colors. One way would be to wear brown pants with green top and layer a brown camisole under the green. Another would be to wear a beige or grey skirt with a blue top layered over a pink or purple camisole.

Remember, a 2-piece top – such as a sweater set or a layered tee over a cami – in color will make an instant outfit when worn with a neutral bottom.

Skirts skirts mix well with smaller satchel purses for great Spring fashion statement in 2010

Straight, flared, bubble hems all grazing the knees. Very short mini skirts and skorts are really pushing the envelope. (I have no idea how one would handle sitting down).

Summery, loose, long skirts are comfortable even in warm climates.

The easy-to-wear wrap skirt is back.

Prints of all types are seen on the various styles of skirts. Wear a solid colored cardigan over a tank or blouse with the printed skirt for a classic, polished look. Belt the cardigan if that works for you. The belt can match the top, the bottom, or the shoes.


Pants for Spring 2010 from crops to short shorts

Waistlines are sitting just below the waist and right at the waist. The lengths are varied from to-the-knee, cropped, ankle-length and longer to the instep. The latter are worn with higher heels.

Pants in stripes. When muted they can be like a solid and worn with other prints and solids. If bold, choose a solid color with them picking up one of the colors in the stripes.

Short shorts can go casual or dressy depending on the fabric and style of shoes you wear. Skip this trend if your legs aren’t toned. Age is also a factor; if you’re young, wear them where ever you want. If you’re older, wear them to the pool or in your backyard but not to town or out on the town.


Jackets are the perfect way to finish a 2010 fashion statement

Wing collars and ¾ sleeves.

The classic blazers and cropped patch pocket jackets.

Cardigans can often replace “the jackets,” choose the length that gives you the best proportions.


Spring dresses are fitted and classic,

Khaki and olive colored safari-style shirt dresses are getting attention. Choose color over a neutral for a dress.

The flattering wrap dress is so classic. Springs and summers need to remember that you need a collar or soft gathering on a V-neck or it looks too harsh. Adding a neck scarf will soften the V. (A rounded necklace won’t help much).

Long or elbow-length sleeved cardigans can be added to the sleeveless casual or dressier dresses when you need to chase a chill or cover up any arm challenges. The shorter length, fitted shrug is a good proportion for a dress.

For evening, soft, loose and drapey shapes are romantic. A simple sheath in a gorgeous color plus great jewelry and strappy heels will dress up the night



Fabulous Spring accessories

Expect the unexpected. There’s a riotous medley of choices.

Bold jewels, wood, crystal and glass combos. Bird themes, floral and fern motifs. Coral and turquoise intertwined with mixed metals. Vintage filigree looks.

Leather fringe combined with beads compliments the tribal style.

Large bracelets or several smaller bracelets to wear with the ¾-length sleeves.

Satchel bags, crescent shaped clutches. Tigers-eye, tortoise and wood used as accents on
purses and sunglasses.

Wildly printed scarves often worn wrapped around the forehead or on a purse handle.
Choose a design correct for your harmony.

Flowers to accent the shoulder, waistline, purse or hat, and you’ll find floral prints all over

Kentucky Derby-style hats.

Jeans-look leggings for teens and young adults can be worn while it’s still cool weather.

Socks worn with heels. (Didn’t we once fall over laughing at this? It was a real no-no). Let’s leave this idea for teens and very young adults on a casual level.

Shoes continue to be creative, fun and glamorous as well as casual and comfortable.

Wedge heels, lucite and leather chunky heels (these keep you on a balanced, more solid footing). Kitten heels offer polish and comfort over the other skyscraper – high heels. Round-toe pumps. Clogs on high heels.

Strappy sandals including the gladiator straps, cork soles on sandals.

Flats with built in padding and a small heel provides a more natural position for your foot.

Crocodile leathers in many stylings.

Flip-flops do nothing for your posture, feet or any silhouette you wear. They are practical and useful for pool or beach side only.

Check out the Limited Addition Design Collection at Payless Shoes for bargain prices on fashion shoes

The bottom line: if it doesn’t look good on you, it’s not in style.


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