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Spring/Summer 2011…Uniquely You

Fashion is often about reinvention using tempered tweaks to something recent, or from the past. There was a time when we all wanted to wear the same thing. Lately, fashion has become a lot more personal. This spring, you’re encouraged to play, to experiment, and to find your own way. Wear the clothes that express who you really are and flatter you the most.

This Season: Comfort Meets Style


Colors for Spring 2011

Exuberant, tropical, carnival hues, and they’re not just paired with a neutral, but combined to contrast with each other.

Wearing color gives you a real psychological boost. The spectrum of choice has never been wider.

Choose from: deep tomato reds, tangerine orange, corals and pinks. Lime to emerald greens. Yellow, medium to deep blues, purple and raspberry red-purples.

White, blush tints and metallics are the strongest neutrals. Always add color to a neutral.

Color can be used to set a mood. For a chic, contrast of color and an energetic, lively mood try your deep warm reds or cinnamon orange with your blues. Or combine greens with the oranges, corals, pinks or yellows (gold for Falls).

Wear two to three shades of one color for a sophisticated mood. Each color stick in your fan is your guide for this mood. Just have contrast so it has some punch.


Designs for Spring 2011

Florals with an Oriental theme of poppies or cherry blossoms. Washed, watercolor florals. When the latter are very blended, they’re only for Summers.

Global prints from many countries like Peruvian graphics and African prints. Prints inspired by the fruits of nature’s labor. Also, woodsy or jungle themes, such as branches and fronds.

Racing stripes in the bright colors usually reserved for athletic wear are now found in clothing much hipper than the common tracksuit look. Don’t wear them with running shoes. Leave the bold stripes with white added to the Winters.

The narrow railroad stripes are perfect for Springs


Gauzy sheers, lace, feathers. Fringe is used as trim on pants, jackets, vests, shawls, and evening gowns.

The metallics are usually made up in draped, unstructured shapes. Low-luster pewter is a favorite of the metallics done on pants, skirts and vests in clean-lined styles.

Pleated fabrics and lazer-cut leather to look like lace.

Use feathers and fringe sparingly, avoiding colorful froufrou so as not to take on the showgirl look.

STYLE Update your closets with the best styles for 2011

Whatever you buy this season should take the lead in your closet for a long time.

Your goal might be to look natural, not contrived; comfortable, but not sloppy; or have presence without being overbearing.

When you buy something new, let it complement the proven workhorses you already have and love to wear.

Tops Tops for Spring 2011


Slouchy, gauzy, feminine tops (you’ll need a blending camisole under these) and loose peasant blouses in bright colors. Both styles are worn untucked for a relaxed look, or tucked into cropped or long pants to accentuate your waist.

Shirt-style blouses with ruffles, or with the more tailored pockets. Roll up the sleeves for a sporty, casual effect or to wear in warmer climates.

Safari-style blouses with button tabs to hold a rolled-up sleeve.

Crocheted lacey tops. These look great with denim.

Light-weight cardigans buttoned up to be a shirt-blouse.

Dolman sleeves on tops are a throwback to a 30’s style. This sleeve is not for Springs as they are too voluminous.

Halter-neck tops. You’ll need straighter shoulders, not too sloped for this style. The fuller the top, the slimmer the pant or skirt should be for good proportion.

JacketsJackets for Spring 2011

Short or cropped styles look best with the wider pants and A-line skirts.

The new blazer is roomy, and needs to be worn with slim pants, loafers, oxfords, or boots. Over-sized looks best on the taller or slimmer person.

Longer, lightweight, boy-friend cardigans. Belt them or not.

Metallic open-weave vests can stand in for the standard jacket.

Shrugs, which are short or 3/4 –sleeved bolero-type sweaters.

The sleeveless trench when worn closed and belted looks like a sleeveless tunic. When left unbelted it looks like a vest. Either can be worn over a shirt with a slim skirt or pants.


Pants for Spring 2011

With its higher waist and volume through the leg, the new trouser shape may take a leap of faith to wear. For you taller, slim people this is a style for you—especially if you’re long-waisted. No flats with this pant. Platforms are a good choice.

Jeans are cropped, loose (called boyfriend), high-waist, flared or skinny. The cropped jeans should hit just below the knee or just below the widest part of your calf. Both lengths will skip the unwanted mid-calf area. Wear a wedge or platform shoe to give legs added length.

Wide hips are balanced by flared legs, slim figures need less.

Feminine tops and accessories are best for the boyfriend style jeans.

Palazzo pants are fitted through the hips with floppy-full legs. These are usually made in dressy fabrics, but this season a refined denim is being offered. Platforms or heels are needed.

Skirts Skirts for Spring 2011

New shapes and fabrics are fresh and fun to wear. Flirty, flared, and pleated styles. They have normal or high-waists. Set the mood with flats or heels.

Straight skirts take on the classic 1940s vibe, hitting below the knee and with details like buttons, diagonal pleats, or fringed edges. Shoes with a bit of height are a must, so as not to look frumpy.

Fuller skirts with longer hemlines. Higher heels with these too.

The mini can be toned down with loafers and a blazer, or dress it up with ankle pumps.


Dresses for Spring 2011

Some are designed to look like separates, using colorful contrasts and textures for a sporty feel. A band “belts” the waist.

The slim shift dress or button-up shirtdress with a straight skirt and the lower buttons left unbuttoned.

Long and loose dresses offer comfort and give a relaxed silhouette.

Draping, pleats, and side-slits are the skirt details.

Diagonal necklines are very popular. Falls and Winters do this look best.

Shoes and Purses

Shoes for Spring 2011







Purses for Spring 2011

The shoes are strap happy. Skinny straps, wide straps, and twisted straps.

Details such as knots, studs, chains, ropes, ribbons, and a mix of fabrics and prints.

Heels are in wood or cork; wedges or platforms.

Trade in your sneakers for the chic flat espadrilles. They’re comfortable and breathable. These are fun with jeans or sundresses.

Short-handle purses and totes. Roomy clutches. Leathers and a variety of fabrics, colors and similar details described for shoes are available. Some of these are works of art.

Jewelry and more What jewelry and other accessories to buy for Spring 2011

Celestial motifs like the moon and stars are sparkling on rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Artistic and nature themed pendant necklaces.

Butterfly themed jewelry and belt buckles.

The new charm bracelet isn’t the bauble-bedecked one of old. The modern version uses one motif on a chain. A heart, a flower, a bow.

Chain-link bracelets, reinvented, using bright colors on enamel, or mixed metals, and even wood.

Large rings, wide cuff bracelet, layered mixed metals, beaded or printed bangle bracelets. Sporty watches in crayon colors.

Shoulder brooches, or self-fabric floral shapes, at the shoulder top of a diagonal neckline.

Long drop earrings have replaced the chandelier styles.

Young ladies are taking on decorative menswear bow ties for themselves. They are in bright or soft colors and in formal fabrics. This perky accessory is for Springs.

The fedora hat has a wider brim for shade this season. A great hat for you Falls. Other wide-brim hats offer pretty sun protection, too.

The bottom line: If it doesn’t look good on you, it’s not in style.


Clear the Clutter

I believe in letting go of the old to allow space for something new and better to move into my life, my home, and my closet.

Each season, when you receive this newsletter, could be your signal to do a closet check. Carefully consider each item. If it doesn’t make you feel wonderful or look terrific, it’s time for it to go.

Box up anything you no longer “should” be wearing and give it to your local charity, resale, or consignment shop. Someone else could really need or use it, and giving a box of donations is far better than hoarding it in your closet left unworn.

When shopping for that new and better item, don’t just search for a bargain, look for something that really satisfies you. After years of enjoyable use it becomes a bargain.


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