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Spring/Summer 2012 . . . Refresh and Renew

This time of year always brings with it a feeling of expectation. When you step outside for the first time without a jacket, it is a moment of pure joy and freedom. The clothes we can wear now are lighter, brighter and more carefree.

This Season: Back to Pretty


color forecast for Spring 2012

Primary colors have been softened into pastels for spring as well as being in their natural bright state.

Hues in the orange family like coral, ginger, and tangerine.
Mango and papaya tones, and golden shades moving into yellows.
Greens of many versions like clover, kiwi, lime, jade, mint and the softer sea foam aquas.
Lake, ocean, and sky blues, grape-like or loganberry purples.
Dark peacock blue can take the place of the traditional neutral navy.
Gray is one of the other neutrals, as well as khaki and ivory. Metallic tones round out the basic color choices to wear with the more energetic hues.

The ever-present black and white combination is for the Winter Harmony

Watch out for the neon colors—they’re very trendy and theatrical.
They’ll wear you.


2012 Designs for fashionable wardrobe

Stripes from the retro, narrow railroad stripes to bolder, larger stripes.

Gingham checks, small and large op art graphics. Polka dots.

Small, delicate, or bright florals. Painterly, soft and blended florals, Hawaiian, and hothouse leafy patterns. Hallucinogenic, Alice-in-Wonderland designs. (These should have stayed in the book.)

Watery, marbleized designs have a calming beauty.

Large, color-blocked designs. These are Fall or Winter patterns depending
on the colors


Crochet, gauze, lace reworked into graphic arts shapes; satin, silk, buttery leathers, fringe, and feathers. Some of these are in sherbet hues.

Glossy, opalescent, shimmery fabrics. Embroidered cloth. Washable chiffon.

Suddenly, denim looks new, made in pastels, and brights.

Techno-fabrics are being used more and more..


New clothes are exceptional only if they are useful with what you already own.
Don’t buy anything you don’t love—especially, just because you like the price
. Your feelings won’t improve once it’s home.

Tops What's the best look in blouses and tops this year 2012

The shirt maker or “dress shirt” has been updated with tucks, pleats, gathers, and draping. None of it looks like menswear and should be bought in color. Pleated tops should be worn with non-pleated bottom garments.

Shirts with rolled up sleeves and held with a buttoned tab.

Whisper-light chiffon blouses (many are polyester). Wear a cami or shell underneath. You could wear the same or a contrasting color.

Blouses with a peplum. These are very nice for trimming your waist, or adding curves when you don’t have any.


What pants should you buy to update your wardrobe in 2012

Jeans in pastels and bright are the most notable. Printed pants. (Pay attention to the right scale for your Harmony.)

Track-style pants are available in knits with a sporty stripe on the side, or in silk for a dressier, yet comfortable look.

Generally, pants are being offered in a variety of lengths, leg widths, and waist levels. Choose what works for you. The boot cut is flattering on all figures. Skinny pants will not work if you have generous hips. The wider legs look best on tall people.

If you want to wear cropped pants, but have shorter legs, just tuck in your top or wear cropped tops to balance your leg and pant length. High-waisted pants will also make your legs look longer. (They won’t work for the short-waisted figures.)

skirts for Spring 2012

Pleated skirts, particularly knife pleats. When made in lightweight fabrics, pleats add volume without bulk. Keep tops tucked in. If there’s a flat, dropped waist before the pleats begin, it will eliminate any volume to your middle.

Pencil skirts in prints and colors. Fluid, fuller skirts. Hip-skimming, flirty A-lines.

Long, fluid or pleated maxi skirts. Paired with a short, belted top, or jacket will create a nice proportion.

Dresses Dress styles are popular for 2012 fashion

The colors offered look as if they were taken from a Crayola box.

You can always count on the shirt dress to take you places. The skirt is full and fluid, while the top will vary with short to long sleeves and cuffed or rolled sleeves. Color will heighten the shapes simplicity.

Dresses with racing stripes on the sides, embroidered details or casual elongated tee shirt styles.

You’ll see dresses that are pin-tucked, loose, belted or A-line. Choose nude or taupe shoes rather than darker hues.

For the Winter Harmony only, black and white, op art, hour-glass-shaped silhouettes.

Frothy tulle, reminiscent of ballerina skirts, is shredded and layered with silk and velvet for evening dresses.

Shoe styles for Spring

Shoes are colorful and carefree with a good dose of novelty in styles, prints, and types of leathers. Some heels have very unusual shapes.

Closed-toe pumps with heels in different heights and widths.

Sophisticated boat shoe styles. Some have wedge or high heels.

Flats, both dressy and casual, are popular with jeans, pants or skirts. Soft ballet slipper - shoes offer comfort and a feminine mood when worn with tailored pants or skirts of all types.

Wedges are also dressy to casual depending on the fabrication.

Gladiator styling continues on sandals and heels.

Shoe clips, once popular in the 60’s and 80’s, are back, and offer an affordable pick-me-up for plain pumps, or flats.

Bags & Purses purses

Bags are free of excess, using minimal hardware, and have clean, classic shapes.

The large day bag that holds all you need on a daily basis is seen in solid, bright colors. Woven styles have a casual feeling, as do canvas totes. You’ll see stripes and prints on the canvas bags.

Smaller clutches, or purses with a chain or strap are perfect for events, or parties.

Vintage styles will ensure you have something unique.

Jewelry & More

Jewelry designs for 2012

Cocktail rings are still popular. Charm bracelets and large cuffs, some having geometric details. Beaded hoop earrings.

Statement necklaces with large open circular designs, large metallic op art shapes, or large jewels or stones. Some have a mix of metal, glitz and color within multiple connected strands.

The beaded tassel necklace. This high-spirited style was first popularized in the Roaring 20’s and adds a flirty element to today’s bright dresses.

The classic pearls. These are for all except the Fall Harmony.

Vintage pins, earrings and necklaces.

Large colorful sunglasses. Cats-eye sunglasses.
This style looks best on a shorter face

Small brim fedora hats. Falls do well with this style. The rounder bowler hat is cute on the Springs.

The bottom line: if it doesn’t look good on you, it’s not in style.



If your closet resembles something from an episode of “Hoarders”, it’s time to clean it out and reorganize.

As you evaluate, play favorites, and lay those items that you love out all together. What do they have in common? Similarities can mean you should stick with them, or you might want to add something a little different to breathe new life into your wardrobe.

Update the fit on pants, jackets, and tops if that’s what is needed.

Are you missing the right outfit for an event that inevitably comes up, or do you need the appropriate shoes to go with certain outfits? Fill those needs.

Don’t forget, there’s a Fashion Type Class to help you refine and develop your own signature look within your harmony. Discover what two to three fashion types you are, what they look like and how to put them into action.

It can make your fashion decisions easier, saving you even more time. (Check out prices per person or group at the end of this letter.)

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