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Fall/Winter 2010...Hello Cool Classics

Looking polished is back, even for the slouchy generation. It doesn’t mean dressy-dressy, but rather being well-groomed,
wearing timeless essentials and looking grown-up. It’s not about looking “older”, but about having sophistication and subtlety,
and doing that in timeless style.

This Season: Wearable Options – Goodbye Trendy


color for fall, winter 2010 can brighten your first impression

Whatever your mood, there’s a shade of orange to match. Apricot, burnt tones or coral, mandarin, marigold. Vibrant and deep jewel tones like magenta, garnet and ruby reds, malachite greens, carnelian and sapphire blues, regal purples and gold.

The classic camel leads the neutral palette. It’s not boring when you punctuate it with a pop of color or an animal print.

Grays and black are seen, too. Brown is a neutral that combines well with the camels – of course, you’ll add color and design to the mix for personality.

Color can awaken the spirit and certainly brightens your first impression. For evenings, deep shades of red are a vibrant stand-in for the over-done black.


Plaids and animal prints lead the way. Both large and bold or smaller, fun abstracts. Painterly florals.


Knits, Faux fur, colorful leather, and tweeds are must haves for fall, winter 2010

Faux fur with extensive variety and quality. These can be sporty, fun or dressed up. Shearling trims on jackets and boots.

Knits of all weights, smooth to cabled and made to look hand-knit. The styles have various shapes and necklines to suit everyone.

So long to subdued shades in leathers. There will be the traditional black and shades of brown, but this season you can also choose a color to energize your wardrobe. (Winters, Springs and Summers can do medium amounts of a soft buttery leather in colors and curved neck shapes.)

Tweeds are done extensively in plaids – only for Falls in the right colors. See through sheers layered over solids for evening wear. Velvet.

STYLESsimple, tailored and unified are the words for 2010 winter fashions

This is not the time for clothes that are overly complicated. When shopping, wear or take along pieces from your closet so you can select the perfect update.

Tailored basics in two neutrals will mix with anything. Be creative: use color, shimmer and sparkle, faux fur or satin to accent and elevate your wardrobe workhorses.

You need unity with variables. Look for inspiring and wearable new pieces.

Minimalism is one style of dressing that is free of embellishments with precision – cut styling and the addition of one, maybe two pieces of larger jewelry.


Tailored shirts, printed cardigans, and camisoles are among the great new looks for 2010

Tailored shirts, knits with a little more wow have dimensional or ‘3-D’ details. They are floral, leafy or abstract in shape.

Added ruffles work for Winters, Springs and Summers. Medium to large flat, wavy ruffles can work on Falls with a Romantic Fashion Type.

Tunics are longer and are paired with a short jacket. This look is worn over leggings or narrow pants and jeans. Add boots, heels or lace-up platforms.

Printed cardigans are very new. Wrap cardigans or the ‘boyfriend’ cardigan (v-neck and longer in length), buttoned up and belted or left open. Sweater sets worn together or just use the cardigan to top a blouse or sleeveless dress as a jacket substitute.

Pretty camisoles worn under a sweater.

The vest, a real asset to a wardrobe, is looser and longer. This can be ideal for layering. Pair this less structured look with a slim top and narrow pants or skirt. Skip an over-sized, loose fit if you have a classic figure with a defined waist.

Jackets & Coats

There's a style and shape coat for everyone this year.

There is every style and shape you could ask for. Choose your best length for an important wardrobe expander. You may need one light-weight, short jacket and one longer, warmer style to complete your wardrobe.

Cardigan-jackets or sweatery coats. Some are short-sleeved and worn over a long sleeve top.

Regular coats come in wool, fur, military styling, brocade or printed.

An alternative to jackets and coats is the cape. Wear it over a streamlined pant or skirt.


pants and jeggings are hot for fall, winter 2010

The newest pant is the trouser made in menswear fabrics. They are fuller on top and have tapered legs. These will emphasize the hips, which is the idea this season, but if it’s not flattering on you, skip it.
It is not just about the look, it’s about your look.

Even cargo pants are taking on the trouser styling. Add a cami and blazer for a chic look.

Pants and jeans are styled with straight, tapered and boot-cut legs. Also, some are fitted through the hips and thigh, flaring out from knee to hem. Higher waists are seen more and more.

Jeggings are denim leggings. They’re stretchy, soft and best worn with hip-length blazers, long tunics or a sweater-jacket.

Skirts Fifties' skirts are back in fashion

Full skirts from the 50’s are new again partly because of the T.V. show Mad Men. Wear them with a fitted top and a short fitted cardigan.

Straight skirts, both short and to below the knee. Add tights to the short skirts. Flared and longer skirts have a feminine movement to them.

DressesSheaths and belted, full skirted dresses are just right for Fll and Winter 2010 fashion statements


The belted, full-skirted shirtdress is another 50’s re-do.

The sheath dress. For a pulled-together result, choose a solid knit cardigan worn over the dress, left unbuttoned, but belted at the waist to give it shape. Some sheaths have a longer, below-the-knee hemline, ala the 50’s and early 60’s, again.



You’ll arrive in style in a ruffled or embellished top with a slim-leg pant or pencil skirt, and heeled shoes with a distinctive style.

For the young, dress shorts are an alternative to the minis and are worn with dressier tights.


shoes for 2010

The right shoes are essential to completing an outfit, so choose wisely.

The kitten heel offers a stylish shoe you can walk in.

The heeled loafer, some with the preppy moccasin details and with chunky or needle heels (very thin and high), tassels or metal-hardware embellishments.

Shoes in bright patent leathers or traditional leather.

Flats in colors, fabric and with embellishments look great with narrow or ankle pants.

Peep-toe shoes and ankle boots go with everything from tapered pants to a party dress. When cold, you could match shoes to tights.

Often, beige shades from nude to camel will be easy to pair with all your closest favorites. Your feet will disappear and aren’t an issue.

Lace up boots are trendy and can be worn with shorter skirts so the lacing and sometimes fur trim tops show.

Wedge-heeled boots are comfortable and pair well with textured tights, sporty jackets and chunky sweaters.

Over-the-knee style boots are daring. You’ll need long, medium to slim legs to carry these off. Wear with leggings or skinny jeans topped with a longer skirt or to-the-mid-thigh tunic. A vest could be shorter or longer than the shirt.

Riding boots are shown off best worn with tucked in slim pants.

Bagssatchel and top handle bags. Tailored, neat and trim

The satchel and top handle bags. Tailored, neat and trim. Some are embellished and in a variety of materials.

The hands-free, convenient, cross-body strapped messenger bag.

Classic, tailored styles. These are good for work or interviews.

Totes for a go-everywhere – carry-all for the office, gym, weekend sightseeing.

Chain-strap smaller bags for your next party. The versatile clutch in a variety of fabrics, prints and colors.

Jewelry large cuff bracelets and colorful bangles

Lacey or filigree styles are elegant. Vintage styles. Large simple stones add drama.

Chains and beads grouped together.

Cuff bracelets in stylized open designs as well as solid shapes.

Decorative hoops. Stackable rings.

Hats hats: fedoras, small brims, and leather headbands are just right for 2010 fall fashions

The structured, small-brimmed hat. Choose a style or print that offers a contrast to what you’re wearing.

Some are angled, fedora style and some are more rounded, elegant or perky.

The square head-scarf in prints, tied at the back of your neck. Leather headbands.

The Secrets of Style

It takes color and style information that pertains to you specifically to get that polished, “effortless” look.

When you dress in harmony with yourself, your body tensions are eased, you are more relaxed and observers perceive you to be a more competent, interesting person with personal style.

You and your outfit should become as one, as if it’s another skin.

If you want to look like the best version of yourself, your colors and harmony style are the answer. They will always elevate your image.

The Fashion Style Class will help you be more style specific within your dominant harmony. Check it out. Individual or groups.

Continuing Your Winning Impression



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