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Spring / Summer 2013... Bright and Beautiful

Spring is here, brightening outlooks and lifting spirits. Fashion is taking on the relaxed mood and effortless styles of sun-drenched climates with simplified silhouettes, gossamer fabrics, and weathered hues, as well as bold, happy brights. You’ll also see a fusion of the past with the present.

This Season: The Useful and the Beautiful

COLOR:Color forecast for Spring & Summer 2013 Look for these colors in fashion 2013

”Pistachio” green (once known as “mint”), in a range of clear to muted shades. Find these on your Dramatic or N+ color sticks.

Depending on your spectrum, pistachio combines well with corals, plums, mauve, or deeper greens.

Flame red (a true red to a red-orange). Candy pinks and orange.

Pastels in sherbet shades of pink, blue, yellow, and green.

Vanilla shades of white, beige, and light greys are the neutrals.

Did you know that wearing all one color is just as slimming as black?

Shades of the same color worn together is a sophisticated combination.

Have fun and wear two different colors together, using the darker shade on the area you want to look leaner.


Pick your print from many choices. (Always check for your harmony’s scale.)

Graphic designs, ranging from small to large. Stripes, paisleys, polka dots.

Wallpaper florals, global or ethnic colorful motifs. Some of them touch on the hippie culture from the 60’s.

Wildlife prints. The giraffe design is a distinct Winter Harmony print.



The main theme is surface interest. Lace, eyelet, jacquard damask, which is a
variegated weave or pattern.

Pleated fabrics, knits, denim, no-iron cottons.

Fabrics that flow. Delicate, filmy fabrics. Silks, this time around in casual shapes. High-sheen satins.

Feathers, appliques, ornate details. Fringe.
Be moderate or you’ll be in a flapper outfit

Warm weather leather in pretty colors and clever tailoring. They are paper-thin
and some have perforations to keep you cool.

Western motifs woven or pieced into fabrics.


Look for details adding special effects. Some are modern, some are soft and lush.


fashionable tops for spring 2013

The button-front shirt. This should be a staple. It can be worn as is or layered like a jacket. Find a solid, stripe or print.

The tunic is versatile as a top, and if long enough, it could be worn as a dress. A slim or cropped pant balances this billowy top.

Knit tee-shirts with neckline details that dress them up.

Halter necks. (Broad or square shoulders work best with these.)

Floral cardigans. Button them up, or leave the top 2-3 buttons open.


What to look for for pants styles in Spring or summer 2013

Skinny pants, stove-pipe, wide-leg, slouchy, take your pick. The fabric will determine the casual or dressy mood.

Patterned pants, small to large, in geometrics or florals.

Shorts come in several lengths.

Jeans with a higher rise, straight-leg and loose all the way down. (I don’t think this look will go over very well.)

Jeans borrowing touches from each decade beginning with the 50’s rolled up hems, the 70’s embroidery and the 90’s grunge. I would skip the grunge idea this time around.


@013 skirts vary from long to short, which is best for you

The A-line is universally flattering. Tuck in your top and add a fitted jacket or cardigan. The longer A-lines need the height of a lady-like heel.

Jean skirts in colors are the newest look. Also, a western wear style, but not in the cliché way. The knee-length, full prairie-skirt style takes on a more modern look using stitched-down pleats, not gathers. Combined denim rinses all on one skirt, giving a color-blocked look.


Leather jackets in color is a fashion trend for 2013

The sleeveless blazer, less formal than a suit jacket, but dressier than a cardigan. These can add polish in warm weather.

The moto jacket has snaps, zippers, buckles, and epaulets. This is a Fall Harmony look. Choose a khaki or beige version, not black.

Denim jean jackets - like the skirts - in cheerful colors.

The tailored tuxedo is seen long, short, and with a weskit styling.


Pleated dresses, a-line, dresses, and sheaths are all great fashions for 2013

The shirtwaist and wrap dress with straight, A-line, and full skirts. Self-belted, or use a belt that ties into the mood of your shoes.

The pleated dress may cling to your shape or fall away. Ruffles on dresses are less fussy and are more sculptural and modern in look. Earrings are enough jewelry, and your hair should be simple and out of the way if it’s long.

Sheath and A-line styles with sleeveless to 3/4 sleeves.

Fluid, unstructured and effortless styles. Dropped longer-in-the-back hemlines.

Lace dresses in a rainbow of colors. The new lace dress strikes a balance between coquettish and conservative. Lace can be cheap looking, so choose quality material. Wear smooth shoes that are nude, metallic or match the dress color.

Dresses with sheer “windows” through the upper chest and arms are no longer stodgy.

Shoes great new shoe styles this year

Heels take a graceful step closer to the ground. They, too, are colorful, textural, Shoes and sport special details.

Basic pumps, t-straps, ankle straps, Mary Jane straps, wedges, flats, “flat forms (flats on raised soles),” & fun athletic shoes.

Both thin and chunky heels..


purses  to fit every size, style, type, or budget

There’s a purse to please any personality. Vibrant colors, flashy details, shiny
studs, Southwestern and exotic motifs will give you a globe-trotter look.

Clean lines and a lack of logos for those who like minimal details.

For the free spirit who just wants to get up and go with a minimum of must-haves
stowed away, there are smaller versions of the larger bags.

Jewelry and More

jewelry and other accessories for 2013

There are choices that repeat the mood and designs mentioned in the design section. Geometrics, florals, leaf shapes, ethnic styles, unexpected and unusual stylings.

Sparkle and shine and other surface interest.

Sculptural simplicity.

Wrist Candy. Stack 3-5 bangles and bracelets in colors or metallics.

If you’re the type who likes to dress up your hair, there are many decorated barrettes from which to choose: crystals, pearls, and bows.

Other hair accoutrements are dressy or twinkling headbands, feathers, twigs and flowers.

By the way, chin-length to top-of-the-shoulder length hair in an “undone bob” with jagged or curly ends is the newest updated hairstyle. Long, long hair is declining.

The bottom line: if it doesn’t look good on you, it’s not in style.



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