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What Does a Full Color Analysis Include

I take appointments on Tuesday through Saturdays. The following is an explanation of what to expect when you come.

I do color analysis individually in natural light, on mornings only, which takes about 31/2 hours. I choose fabric swatches to help you make color choices. Then I check your makeup for color compatibility and show you adjustments where needed. A style session is included in the price, and takes about 2 hours. It is usually done a week, or two, later when the color swatches have been transferred to a purse–size color fan. If you have travel or time constraints, we can discuss ways to work within them.

The style session includes a notebook and visual aids to teach you about all the details, plus color combining, using colors to project a mood or get the response needed for speaking, teaching, selling, social situations, etc.

I no longer do "All-in-one-day" sessions, as I've found it is not as good for the client, because there is so much information to digest with each part. The style session can, however, be done in a group, after each person has had their personal color analysis.Click here to see my many levels of classes, and their respective fees. You will save on your very first shopping trip, and have no more mistakes hanging in the closet gathering dust.

I select the color swatches for each individual. These are not pre-packaged. I have over 5,000 fabric colors and through a systematic, scientific method of observing your natural skin coloring and how it absorbs and reflects color, I make a careful color selection. Hair and eye color are secondary in importance to how your skin reacts to color. Bone structure is also considered in the over-all weight of your colors.

The color range of about 175 hues; tints and shades will establish how light, dark, bright, or dull you should go.

No one is 100% one season, e.g., a Spring who is cooler with blue or blue-green eyes, and is more delicate, has a Summer secondary. Her colors will touch base here and there with "Summer” hues.The selected colors will also be cooler overall than, say, a Spring with a Fall secondary who has warm skin tones, has brown or green eyes, and is more angular or sturdy in bone structure.

The Dominant season of the two, and sometimes three, "Secondaries" determines the person’s best style guidelines, such as necklines, designs, textures, and scale, as well as style of jewelry choices. When we try to impose the secondary’s look into our dominant look that is when we don’t like how we look. That is why the style session is equal in importance to the colors, and why I just don’t hand out some colors and say "Be on your way." Sometimes an outfit may be your color, but doesn’t look right when it has the wrong neckline, the print is too big, or the texture is too coarse.

To read how your Color Analysis benefits your everyday life, click "The Power of Color Communication."

Please call or email to make an appointment, or if you have additional questions.

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