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Color and Image Consultant Joanie Jackson

"Nature is in perfect color harmony and as part of nature, we are also part of that perfection." D. Lehnhoff
    A person dressed in the right colors and styles looks more confident, feels more at ease, is more effective, and makes a better first impression.

Who is your Image & Color Analyst?

Joanie Jackson has a B. A. degree in Art and Education. She has completed an intensive color theory course that includes the theory of color in light, color interaction, and the active-passive relationships of color (taught by Veronica Bialik, textile designer and color consultant in San Francisco.) Joanie received her technical color analysis training from Dilly Lehnhoff, director and instructor of Color & Style, Moraga, CA. Dilly was trained by George Viera of Beverly Hills & New York. Mr. Viera, one of the foremost color analysts in the world, consulted for TV and movie studios and has done colors for many famous personalities such as Cary Grant, Jackie Kennedy Onasis, Robert Redford, Barbara Walters, Burt Bacharach, the Osmonds, Cher, and many others. Joanie is also certified in color psychology and color response.

My studio is located in Placerville, CA, 45 miles East of Sacramento, about half-way between Sacramento and South Lake Tahoe. If you're planning a visit or vacation in this area, call for an appointment. It would be an ideal time to update your look with a personal color and image consultation.
Everyone can wear red, blue, green or brown, but which ones are yours?

Your three hour color analysis is done individually. Through a systematic and scientific method of observing your natural coloring (skin, eyes and hair) a careful selection is chosen from over 4,000 color swatches. You will have a complete color fan with more than 100 colors which serves as a valuable tool and guide in wardrobe selection, interior design, and makeup.

It is very important to know that the analyst does not select the correct colors for you by personal preference. You are actually dictating what colors should be selected for you.

If a color creates a change in your coloring, the artist does not give you that color. Some colors make you look yellow, green, or grey and consequently sabotage your appearance. The analyst has been carefully trained to see these changes.

Your range includes only the colors that enhance your own coloring, establishing how light, dark, bright, or dull you should go in each color. You will also know your harmony and any percentages of the other harmonies.

• Save time, effort, and money while shopping by knowing your correct colors, lines, and designs.

• Find your wardrobe expanding as each piece becomes color coordinated and interchangeable.

• Discover new colors you never thought you could wear.

• Learn what mood to project by the colors you wear, i.e., boldness, assurance, restfulness.

• Use your color analysis to find out more about yourself. Research has shown a direct correlation between your coloring and physical characteristics and your inner essence (or personality).

• Learn to apply your makeup in your harmony. A free lesson is part of your analysis.

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geometric harmonies

Colors fall into four basic groups depending on their hues, value, and intensities.

Studies have shown there is a direct correlation between the human design and the four seasons.

Winning Impressions works with these concepts:

1. Spring Harmony (Lively)
Colors are light, bright, and cheerful.

2. Summer Harmony (Subtle)
Colors are blended, greyed, and soft.

Colors are warm, mixed and earthy tones.

4. Winter Harmony (Striking)
Colors are clear, brilliant, and contrasting.

Each harmony has its own relating design lines, textures, and fabrics. Sometimes an item of clothing can be your color but not look right if it is in the wrong design and line or texture.

Winning Impressions includes a two hour session along with the the individual color analysis to learn your best wardrobe styles, effective accessorizing, exciting use of color, shopping tips and how to better communicate your uniqueness as an individual.

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